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Linkedin: Blockchain is 2020’s Most Demanded Tech Skill

“660 plus million Professionals and 20 plus million jobs” social network company, LinkedIn, in its recent research report at LinkedIn Learning, has published the skills that workforce value the most and Blockchain, undoubtedly, topped the Hard Skill category in 2020. It is worthwhile to note that Blockchain had emerged as a supporting platform to the…

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Why the Demand for Blockchain Developers is ‘through the roof’?

Ever since the huge bull wave of December 2017, interest in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been soaring. Blockchain is an emerging technology, and there aren’t enough qualified Blockchain developers that can be hired. That has led to a significant demand and supply gap of blockchain skills. Blockchain developers have become very valuable in the…

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How Can Blockchain Take the Digital Marketing Forward?

It’s no surprise that the digital marketing industry is a massive part of the internet ecosystem that drives traffic and pays for content. In fact, digital marketing is estimated to become a $500 billion industry by 2021, according to a recent study conducted by Forrester. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, are always tracking…