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5 Possible Blockchain Strategies To Improve The Aviation Industry

Many leading airlines today are experimenting with the latest digital technology innovations such as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, etc. Blockchain is another technology that is now poised to provide fertile ground for change within the aviation industry. Though blockchain technology is still in its face of infancy, several airline companies have already…

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How Blockchain Will Impact The Auditing World?

Has the idea of Blockchain influenced the finance and auditing ever affected you? Did you know that even the auditing division can get immense benefit out of Blockchain? This distributed ledger technology which has the potential to influence all the industries including finance and auditing. If we talk about this division of the company, then…

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How Can Blockchain Be Used In Real Estate?

The Blockchain is the real star of cryptocurrency evolution. Since 2009, till date, we have seen this technology growing at a breakneck pace. Irrespective of its areas of application, Blockchain finds usage in all the business niche. Whether we talk about tracking the information or managing the supply chain, or even data security, Blockchain is…