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MetaJuice hits a million Web3 wallets and sells out digital collectibles in IMVU

In an interview with GamesBeat, John Burris, president of MetaJuice as well as chief operations officer of Together Labs, stated that now the growth of MetaJuice’s patterns for selling digital collectibles with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will have outpaced the sluggish U.S. retail market for tangible goods over the last year. Burris stated, ‘We’re discussing the…

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Warner Music, Polygon, and LGND partner for a new Web3 music platform

The popular interactive and e-commerce platform builder LGND has partnered with the emerging Blockchain network developer, Polygon and Warner Music Group, a global entertainment company, to develop an all-new Web3 music platform named LGND music. The launch is scheduled for January 2023, and LGND Music is envisioned as the sole platform for music and digital…