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5 Must-Have Blockchain Developer Skills

Summary Blockchain technology is revolutionizing data security and transparency, creating a high demand for skilled Blockchain developers. A Blockchain developer is responsible for creating and implementing Blockchain solutions, such as decentralized applications, secure databases, and new cryptocurrencies Must-have skills for a Blockchain developer include a deep understanding of smart contracts, proficiency in programming languages like…

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US Universities, Blockchain Education & Crypto Job Opportunities

The rising demand for blockchain-focused jobs is naturally signaling the need for blockchain courses that could help scholars to find job opportunities this year.   The Blockchain that was once known for Bitcoin has its footprints in almost all industries today, be it finance, supply chain, healthcare, insurance, or education.   According to the recent…

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Linkedin: Blockchain is 2020’s Most Demanded Tech Skill

“660 plus million Professionals and 20 plus million jobs” social network company, LinkedIn, in its recent research report at LinkedIn Learning, has published the skills that workforce value the most and Blockchain, undoubtedly, topped the Hard Skill category in 2020. It is worthwhile to note that Blockchain had emerged as a supporting platform to the…