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The role of Blockchain in Online Advertising

Blockchain technology is arising into the technical market these days and remaking the way we have been dealing with our finance market, but it’s not limited here. But, it’s also been influencing the advertising and marketing industry. Consistently we read scandals about information breaches by advertisement tech sellers. We are getting followed each day with…

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How can Blockchain increase the trust for Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising seems to be growing at a faster pace. More and more companies are now inclining towards the use of this mode of marketing. Digital advertising has recently emerged as a popular medium of advertisement and a great way to reach maximum consumers. Despite being a popular method of advertisement, there are certain bottlenecks…

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How is Blockchain increasing trust in Digital Advertising?

Blockchain technology has been labelled as the most hyped phenomenon of 2018. It is anticipated that by the end of 2018, 2.1 billion dollars would have been invested in this technology. It aims to disrupt all industries and revolutionise them with greater efficiency through decentralisation and an increase in trust by providing complete transparency. One…