Google for India 2023: How Search Generative AI Empowers Small Businesses

Google for India 2023: How Search Generative AI Empowers Small Businesses

At the 9th Google for India event, Google unveiled a series of groundbreaking innovations centered around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its services and products. These innovations aim to make the internet more accessible, foster better connections between merchants and customers, and collaborate with local partners to enhance people’s lives by increasing access to credit, among other things. 

In India, Google introduced its Search Generative Experience (SGE) initiative, a revolutionary platform offering AI-powered information summaries with text-to-speech and language-switching capabilities. The primary objective of SGE is to enhance user experience by incorporating images and videos, making information more visually accessible. This includes visual guides on topics such as local routes, aiding users in exploring nearby places and activities within cities.

Google Pay, a cornerstone of India’s digital payment ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in expanding the reach of formal credit. oogle states that “By digitizing credit with privacy safeguards, the platform intends to expand the reach of formal credit, catering to a broader audience with lower incomes.” The platform has introduced innovative services such as sachet loans in collaboration with DMI Finance and a credit line for retailers in partnership with ePayLater. On the consumer front, Google Pay is working closely with ICICI Bank and Axis Bank to enable credit lines from banks, ensuring a responsible approach to providing financial solutions.

Google is transforming the shopping experience on Search, empowering both users and small businesses alike. Users conducting product searches will now receive visually engaging feeds containing filters, product details, prices, and the option to set price drop notifications. Business Messages in shopping on Search enable users to ask questions about products directly, fostering seamless interaction. Additionally, local stores with highlighted listings will appear for in-person inspections, enhancing the overall shopping experience for users and benefiting small businesses.

Google’s focus on internet security and safety is evident through its innovative strategies. Google Play Protect, an integrated security feature, is expanding its capabilities, starting with India. It will introduce real-time scanning at the code level, a proactive measure against new malicious apps that may leverage AI to evade detection. This real-time app scan recommendation enhances digital security, protecting users from evolving scams, malware, and fraud.

In a significant move, Google announced that the upcoming Google Pixel 8, slated to hit the market in 2024, will be the first Pixel phone manufactured in India. Rick Osterloh, Head of Devices, emphasized that the company will collaborate with international manufacturers in India to establish local manufacturing, a testament to Google’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative.

The 9th Google for India event showcased Google’s dedication to harnessing AI for providing exciting and helpful experiences across its products and services. From enhancing internet experiences to enabling more effective connections between merchants and buyers and collaborating with local partners to enhance access to credit, Google continues to strive to serve millions across the country.

The introduction of a more visual and localized generative AI Search experience in India brings a wealth of information to users in English and Hindi. The expansion of generative AI into critical areas such as government schemes and the application of AI-driven search technologies like Google Lens for skin condition visual searches demonstrates Google’s unwavering commitment to making information more accessible.

With Google Pay’s initiatives to digitize credit, small businesses and consumers in India can access responsible credit options, fostering economic growth. The improvements in the shopping experience on Search empower small businesses to engage with customers more effectively, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both buyers and sellers.

Google’s commitment to enhancing online security with real-time scanning and its decision to manufacture Pixel phones in India further underline the company’s dedication to the Indian market. These innovations align with India’s technological aspirations and the need to adapt to rapidly evolving user expectations.

Google’s relentless pursuit of innovative, helpful, user-friendly, and secure technologies reaffirms its position as a driving force in India’s digital landscape. As the company continues to bridge gaps and empower businesses and users, the future of India’s digital landscape appears promising and transformative.

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