The Last Raptor: Redefining NFT from the scratch

The idea of Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs emerged back in 2012-13 in the form of a colored coin and was initially issued on the revolutionary blockchain of Bitcoin. Since then, the technology and the concept has evolved drastically with the advancements that have been made in the blockchain space. NFTs have transformed the art and collectible market radically and the market has witnessed an exponential growth between 2018-2020, with a host of NFTs being released in the market with unique characters and elements. However, the NFT space is about to witness something yet entirely unique and exciting with the launch of The Last Raptor, a project that redefines the very concept of NFTs. 

The only thing that works better than a high-quality piece of art is a high-quality piece of art that is of great utility – and this is the central idea based on which the team has designed a game-changing collection of NFTs. The entire collection contains 1923 generative raptors including hundreds of pieces which are drawn 1/1. 

Each of the Raptors are unique, boasting of their unique composition and attractive colour palette. The characters were aimed to be idiosyncratic so that the importance of quality over quantity could be focused upon. As the project promises, holding even one of these uniquely designed raptors can shower the holder with exciting benefits as time passes. 

The Lore

Before delving deeper into the fascinating details of the project, it is imperative to provide a context to fully explore the idea behind this undertaking, and there seems to be a compelling backdrop to this. We all are familiar with how dinosaurs were faced with extinction from the earth about 65 million years back. But little did we know that one of them had somehow survived and this is where the story of the Last Raptor begins. 

The Raptor spent around 5.3 years on this planet before he vanished mysteriously without a trace. Needless to say, such a heartbreaking loss of close family members and friends gradually made him quite depressed as he roamed this earth all alone. To keep himself occupied and his sanity in check, he would

change his appearance on a daily basis and eventually draw portraits of these different personalities. It is believed that the Raptor drew 1923 portraits of himself in different avatars, stored them in a treasure chest and disappeared all of a sudden. 

Even though he claims to be immortal and alive to this very day, a great mystery surrounds that treasure chest. Years went by and one day on the 11th of August, 1923, Peter Kaisen had discovered the first Velociraptor fossil in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and along with it, that mysterious treasure chest. As they took the 

fossil and the chest to the museum, much to their astonishment, they found that the treasure chest had disappeared once again. 

After all these years, surprisingly the team behind this fascinating project has gained access to this treasure chest somehow and it still contains the intact 1923 portraits that were kept inside. And hence, the team has decided to create a collection of NFTs, and after assigning metadata to each of these pieces, they are now on a quest to safeguard this ancient treasure in a bid to store them permanently on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens. 

And the fate of these ancient artworks rests in the hands of the holders and interestingly enough, the creators of these tokens believe that these artworks possess magical abilities which will be bestowed on their owners. 

The Incredible Portfolio Optimizer 

The project plan entails, as soon as the Raptors spring to life, the team will start developing a cutting-edge NFT portfolio optimizer designed to guarantee special privileges to the ones in possession of The Last Raptors. 

The tool is being designed to be the ultimate solution for those who are willing to trade NFTs while maximizing their profits. According to the plan, this tool is designed to provide multiple services, while some of these will also be chargeable. But most importantly, the holders of the Last Raptors will enjoy these services completely free of charge and that is forever.

The team behind this optimizer is extremely experienced and tech-savvy, having developed and built multiple software and tech startups. As a result, they are confidently adding their signature to this space. 

An outline of some of the highlights of this optimizer are as follows: 

– Variety of indicators to give a clear understanding of the different stages of the collection 

– Evaluating and calculating the NFTs and the basic portfolio in general – Marking out the undervalued NFTs 

– Spotting the best NFTs from any collection of NFTs 

– Waiting time calculations based on the selected price for an NFT – Employing data mining and machine learning to spot pre-breakout collections 

– Generating P&L reports based on trading information 

– Using AI to fine-tune the heuristics 

– Multi-chain vision 

– And a host of surprise features yet to be disclosed !! 


The Last Raptor NFT project boasts of a well-defined and clear roadmap that sets it apart from any other ongoing NFT project in the market. 

1- The Beginning 

The public sale of the NFTs will be announced on the project’s website on the 10th of November. 

2 – Online Community Store 

Once the purchase is done, a holder will be able to retain commercial rights to the “The Last Raptor” NFTs. In addition to that, the team is developing an internal marketplace where the holders can even apply for merchandise.

The team has even announced that a reputable third-party company has been involved with the responsibility of developing high-end products for the NFTs. 

In addition to that, the interesting thing is that the team will allow the owner of the NFT to keep 80 percent of the profit from each and every sale. As a result it will be instantly possible to earn passive income even without selling the NFTs and that is where the potential of the Raptors lie !! 

3 – Portfolio Optimizer 

The Portfolio Optimizer discussed above will continue to be developed as newer features will be added gradually. It will only be a wise decision to hold and maintain the Raptors, for as long as one holds it, all the incredible benefits this tool has to offer will be available for free! 

4 – A Secret Collection 

If all this was not enough, the team has more to offer! 

According to the team, this is only the beginning of yet another bewildering collection, the details of which will be kept a secret for the time being. But from what the team has revealed so far, this collection will consist of 10,000 items and all of them will come with a unique utilitarian value. 

To put the cherry on the cake, “The Last Raptor” owners will be able to mint for free. They are only required to take care of the gas fee, and this can be done for as many raptors as the holder pleases. 

5 – DAO 

Last but not the least, the team behind this project has clarified it that the holders of these NFTs will determine what’ the future of this project will unfold and that includes most of the partnerships and post-launch projects as well. They will also be hosting a set voting procedure where the owners can participate and ascertain the story arcs for the fate of the Raptor in the Autonomous Zone and real world to determine the path they should follow in the future.

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