Everything You Need to Know about Last Two Days of NFT.NYC 2022 Event

Everything You Need to Know About Last Two Days of NFT.NYC 2022 Event

It’s raining NFTs in New York!!!!!

Amid the clitter-clatter of its never-so-silent, glittery nightlife, New York City has opened doors for the NFT community to connect, enjoy, and share their success stories. Surprised? Well, don’t be because here we are talking about one of the biggest NFT events in the world called ‘NFT.NYC 2022’ which is taking place in NYC right at this moment. Spread in a four-day long timetable, from June 20 to June 23, the event is a prestigious gathering for the who’s who of the NFT space.

With 1,500 notable speakers and more than 14,000 attendees, NFT.NYC 2022 is presently witnessing powerful discussions between the brightest minds in the sector. NFT fans will come together to share their ideas during panels, fireside chats, exclusive pop-up events, gallery showcases, etc. The conference is likely to pave way for new innovations, developments, and creations that will unleash the potential of digital collectibles.

What is NFT.NYC 2022?

Started by Jodee Rich and Cameron Bale in 2018, NFT.NYC strives to bring together NFT creators and NFT users under one single roof. The first conference took place in February 2019 and soon became quite popular amongst NFT fans.

It celebrates the success of Non-Fungible Tokens in multiple domains including art, music, games, web development, etc. You name it and NFT has your back there. NFTs are digital collectibles that represent real-life items such as art, real estate, and more. These digital pieces have gained immense popularity amongst investors as they help them to own a share of something valuable and precious.

NFT.NYC 2022 aims to expand the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens by bringing them closer to people. With its panel discussions, product showcases, and keynote speeches, the conference helps to unlock enhanced accessibility to the NFT world. The event gathers NFT artists, creators, reputed brands, entrepreneurs, gamers, asset collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and more. The 2022 edition of the conference will celebrate the diversity of NFTs penetrating multiple industrial domains. Some of the most prominent names in the speaker’s list include Alex Mo of Coinbase, artist Amber Vittoria, Yam Karkai of World of Women, etc.

The event is organized across seven distinct venues in Times Square, NYC. This includes:

  • Radio City Music Hall
  • New York Marriott Marquis
  • Palladium Times Square
  • The Edison Ballroom
  • The Edison Rooftop
  • The Town Hall
  • Margaritaville Resort Times Square

Events to Take Place in NFT.NYC 2022 between June 22 and Jun 23, 2022

June 22 Events 

  • Rug Radio

Rug Radio is organizing a three-day schedule packed with exciting events during the conference. The platform will host events starting from June 20 to June 22. This comprises a Cocktail and Art exhibition at Superchief Gallery dedicated to Rug Radio NFT owners on June 22.

  • Moonbirds Party

The popular NFT platform is holding an exclusive event full of snacks, music, magic, and bevies at Webster Hall. It is open only for Moonbird NFT owners.

  • Brick and Ledger Op3n Afterparty 

Ledger Op3n is a biannual event that takes place in NYC. For the first time, the event will make its entry in NFT.NYC 2022. The team has joined hands with Brick to organize an afterparty at House of X. The event will be an invite-only gathering.

June 23 Events 

  • Diversity of NFTs Art Showcase 

All through the four-day-long conference, the platform will showcase the exclusive art collection featuring ‘Diversity of NFTs.’ The collection will be displayed at the Marriott Hotel and on a Times Square billboard. To celebrate the power of upcoming NFT artists, the collection incorporates the designs and efforts of 221 artists.

  • 1stDibs NFT Exhibition

1stDibs will organize an in-person NFT exhibit known as ‘Spotlight’ in Tribeca’s 368 Studio. Designed by popular digital artists Ryan Hawthorne, the exhibition presents the work curated by 16 artists. It will be live between June 23 and June 24.

  • Gutter Cat Gang Party 

Gutter Cat Gang will organize the GutterNYCity Party packed with Gutter-themed entertainment. The visitors will get food, beverages, music, exclusive merch, and a lot more. The party will take place at 14 West 24th Street.

  • NFT Food Hunt

Popular food hunting mobile app, 8it has planned to organize the first citywide eat-to-earn Edible NFT Food Hunt. The participants can collect the limited edition edible NFTs across the state to fetch points and rewards. The food hunt will comprise fixed-time specials and dish collaborations.


The team is set to combine fun, music, and free food for the NFT.NYC visitors. Taking place at the Knockdown Center, people can enjoy some exclusive ‘vibe sessions’ at the event. The main event will take place on June 23 while many IRL events were planned for June 21 and 22. In the main event, the participants will get to enjoy performances by Mick Jenkins, Iman Europe, Tokimonsta, etc.

  • Wow and Madonna Collab

On June 23, a global singing sensation will grace the NFT.NYC 2022 conference. The singer will perform at the World of Women NYC Party celebrating Pride Month. The event will be free to access for all the WoW and WoWG holders.


NFT fans now have a way to interact with others who share their interests thanks to NFT NYC 2022. The conference celebrates the true essence of NFTs that strive to provide a sense of ownership to creators and developers. Graced by esteemed personalities, the event is likely to expand the potential of NFTs by bringing them to the mainstream global industrial space.

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