Web3-Centric Beacon launches flagship demo day with 13 crypto startups

Web3-Centric Beacon launches flagship demo day with 13 crypto startups

Sandeep Nailwal, a major contributor to Beacon and co-founder of Polygon, told TechCrunch that once for Cohort 0, “we spoke with almost 1,000 projects and ended with 15 firms in Cohort 0, including 13 graduating during our Demo Day. We anticipate a comparable 1% acceptance percentage for Cohort 1, given the current pace of applicants.

For its fall and spring cohorts, this three-month program accepts around 15 to 20 students each time it is offered.

Cohort 0 is, in our opinion, Beacon’s MVP, according to Nailwal. As a result, “we spoke with entrepreneurs we found through its networks and hand-picked our favorite teams for this cohort.”

The 13 startups that comprised Cohort 0 are described below:


Company name: Arcana

Arcana seeks to provide developers with additional technological resources, including tools for creating safe application programs (dApps). The authentication process, data storage on its decentralized network, and security systems are among its primary tools.

Company name: Blinkmoon

To concentrate here on expanding the Web3 market, Blinkmoon is establishing a standalone gaming development company. Before this, members of its crew contributed to video game properties, including League of Legends: Wild Rift, NBA, the Dead Rising, but also Rainbow Six, to mention a few, in addition to the aesthetics for “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Game of Thrones.”

Company name: ChapterX

A Web3 event experiencing platform called ChapterX seeks to give event planners the tools they need to turn their gatherings into one-of-a-kind adventures. The startup allows participants to participate in live events or customize virtual environments in the Metaverse with features including GameFi or decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance.

Company name: Colexion

With the help of fantasy-focused material, the Colexion card-based GameFi network seeks to integrate Web2 games into the Web3 environment. To assist complex games in navigating the Web3 world, its platform, Colexion Core, offers various services, including minting, marketplaces, bridges, wallets, and much more.

Company name: Community Gaming

A comprehensive esports tournament platform, Community Gaming strives to provide infrastructure to market participants. The platform offers players, tournament organizers, and game makers tools to organize, host, and participate in esports competitions. It is supported by Blockchain payment technologies based on Ethereum and Solana.

Company name: FastLane

Without the requirement to download or maintain specialized software for verifying nodes, the FastLane protocols aim to increase revenue for validators, improve algorithmic traders’ efficiency, and lessen network members’ stress when faced with just a deluge of redundant deals.

Company name: Meta Apes

Developed on the BNB Application Sidechain, Meta Apes would be a mobile Web3 game that is free to play and win-to-win (BAS). To win the “race to space,” players can build their towns and cities whilst contesting with and discovering others.

Company name: Mystic Moose

A group of industry professionals from Activision, LucasArts, including Electronic Arts, founded the Web3 framework, gaming company, and publisher known as Mystic Moose. Its debut game, Planet Mojo, would be a browser-based server of networked games constructed on top of its scalable backend technology Sumatra.

Company name: Nillion

A Web3 infrastructure firm called Nillion is dedicated to protecting data storage, processing, and dissemination here on the internet. According to Andrew Yeoh, the company’s founder and chief marketing officer, “Nillion is a deep technical infrastructure plan.”

Company name: Davos Protocol

Based on its website, Davos Protocol is the home of its stable assets, DAVOS, which its fiscal policy would stabilize through liquid stacking, weekly balancing yield generation, and price stability. It allows customers to take out DAVOS loans with liquid staking tokens as security.

Company name: Timeswap

A decentralized network for loans and borrowing, Timeswap also uses Polygon’s autonomous market maker (AMM) technology. One of its key features enables customers to create any Ethereum-based ERC20 credential pool by supplying the necessary cash flow. Other features involve flexible interest rates and collateral considerations, even though users can decide their overall risk.

Company name: Ylide

Ylide is a decentralized platform for wallet-to-wallet communication that supports end-to-end encryption, Blockchain messaging, and data storage within smart contracts.

Company name: Cubist

Cubist, a supplier of infrastructure and developer tools, aims to offer Web3 developers access to modern software engineering methods and security. To make it simple for developers to build, test, and deploy dApps across several chains and chains, this toolkit aims at offering safer and more secure choices.

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