QUINT received a $25 million investment from Galaxy Racer GRX

QUINT received a $25 million investment from Galaxy Racer GRX

Galaxy Racer is a transmedia powerhouse. It is located in Dubai. It collaborates with and invests in QUINT, the Quint ecosystem’s main coin.

On Quint receiving a $25 million investment from Galaxy Racer, GRX becomes the first esports and lifestyle business to put money into a cryptocurrency ecosystem rather than use it to raise money. The cryptocurrency corporation will also become the esports organization’s ‘Native Ecosystem Token Partner’ as a result of the relationship.

The number of cryptocurrency collaborations in the esports sector has lately increased significantly, with the bulk of them consisting solely of category exclusivity, sponsored segments, and media placements. This is a first in the industry since GRX’s investment in QUINT will integrate the token into the esports and lifestyle organization’s ecosystem by leveraging its technology to assist future projects and infrastructure development. Galaxy Racer will magnify and promote QUINT’s cryptocurrency ecosystem as part of the cooperation.

Galaxy Racer will include QUINT in its website’s payment system. It will search for ways to incorporate the currency into its esports contests, events, and product divisions. In the future, the firms will collaborate to produce an instructional content series about cryptocurrencies and web3 for Galaxy Racer’s worldwide following and the broader esports community.

It creates a real-world benefit to speed adoption and investment interest. Investors are complimented and offered real-world benefits. They would include in-life perks, luxury raffle prizes such as BAYC Non-fungible tokens and limited-edition Hublot Big Bang timepieces, and many more in return.

Quint is conducted by a team of stakeholders that commissioned industry-exp entrepreneurs, biz people, and capitalists. They are designed to address the limitations of typical crypto projects while boosting the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2050’s mass-adoption aims. Quint has over 160 enterprises and 123 brands distributed over 35 countries, and Rahul Chaudhary is the CEO and Managing Partner. The Chairman of Quint’s Board of Directors is Mohammed Al Bulooki, the Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Aviation.

Apart from super-staking pools, the Quint ecology features a Boutique non-fungible token Marketplace that connects manufacturers and collectors. This means a Merchandise Shop that offers Quint-branded apparel and accessories, and an esports component facilitated by the GXR partnership. In the near future, $Quint, the BSC currency that underpins the ecosystem, will be able to connect to other networks like ETH, FTM, Solana, and Avalanche.

Galaxy Racer, with its strong ties to the worldwide sports business, assisted in the development of Mikael Silvestre’s new athlete management firm, Talent Lyfe, which represents elite athletes and rising talent across all professional sports.

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