OpenAI's GPT-Powered Magic Composer

OpenAI’s GPT-Powered Magic Composer Brings Metaverse to Life

OpenAI and GPT, the two names, have been continuously recalled as a breakthrough in modern technology and overshadowed Metaverse in terms of popularity and relevance among average users. Metaverse innovation and development was headed by Meta and Zuckerberg, the CEO of the parent company of one of the most popular social media platforms, Meta, formerly Facebook. He envisioned transforming Meta’s business model from an advertisement-based socializing platform to an immersive experience based on interconnecting virtual 3D worlds known as Metaverse. However, the reality differs from what he had thought of. 

Metaverse still lacks the required support and adoption to become a mainstream service due to several problems like selective development service providers, expensive accessibility and equipment, and several others. Now with GPT, the newly launched language model of OpenAI has shaken the internet by storm and presented a new gateway to cater to consumers in a better manner. The AI chatbot has successfully gathered adequate reach among consumers and attracted fans and global partnerships with several big names in the industry. Experts believe it to be an interesting tool for numerous scenarios, including metaverse.

GPT has already established its market dominance that can offer immediate solutions to text and image prompts. The previous generation of GPT, namely GPT 3 and GPT 3.5, was capable of interacting with the user more conversationally, and what makes us wonder more than anything is GPT 4. Experts believe it will be exciting to see how GPT 4 will deliver well-curated information from the web and interact with the user on the platform. 

Web3 and Metaverse developers have found a way to utilize the immense computational potential and interactive interface of GPT to create full worlds in the Metaverse with mere text prompts or commands. Developers revealed that they could use an artificial intelligence-powered tool called Magic Composer and create 3D worlds that offer extended support to NFTs, another prominent technology of this new-age Web3 ecosystem. 

Developers have developed this AI-powered tool Magic Composer, where a user can generally put in a text prompt on Magic Composer. Oncyber will implement the prompt with the help of AI in that particular 3D virtual world. Actions include personalizing and customizing the look of the 3D World with elements like the color of the sky. That’s not it, these are just essential features, and accessibility will increase with further technological developments. But one thing is definite for sure. AI will be useful in creating Metaverse and immersive virtual experiences more than anything.

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