New Release of Santa Browser to Bring 200 Million+ Users to Web 3.0

New Release of Santa Browser to Bring 200 Million+ Users to Web3.0

Santa Browser has announced the launch of Version 1 of its latest Web3 browser release, designed to usher in a new generation of crypto users. Acknowledging the volatility of the crypto market, Santa Browser has committed to creating a “Trustable Technology Stack” to ensure user security and confidence. With the Christmas release of Santa Browser, users can now reap the rewards of the crypto world simply by browsing the web. By developing tools and features that make it easy for anyone to leverage the power of Blockchain technology, Santa Browser is empowering users to take advantage of the opportunities of this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Santa Browser is deeply committed to the core principles of Web3: anti-monopoly, transparency, democracy, data privacy, security, and equitable wealth distribution. We strive to continuously innovate and progress, ensuring our browser keeps up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet,” remarked Alekh B, Santa Browser’s CEO.

Why Santa Browser?


The browser’s effort to rethink the web begins with user interaction and advertising. Users may earn cryptocurrency incentives for their typical online activities using Santa’s Browse2Earn while still controlling their privacy (rewards span but are not restricted to ad monetization, search monetization, discounted purchasing, etc.).

Privacy Focused

Santa Browser has a variety of features designed to protect user privacy. It has an integrated ad blocker to prevent invasive ads, a tracker blocker to prevent online tracking and browser fingerprinting, and a process of “unGoogling” which removes all Google trackers and host detectors. Santa also disables other features that inhibit transparency and control while adding and modifying features that promote them. Additionally, Santa has partnered with Eyeo to ensure that only Acceptable Ads which are non-intrusive and abide by the criteria specially developed by ad-filtering users interact with users.

Extensive Security

Santa Browser’s code has been thoroughly evaluated and checked for any potential weaknesses by Veracode, an application that verifies a firm’s secure software development protocols. Veracode’s Secure Code Review Certification reinforces the advanced procedures used by Santa Browser to produce secure software.

Upcoming Features

In the near future, the browser will offer a one-tab VPN service at no cost, an extensive dApp store, and a convenient in-app wallet dubbed the “Santa Wallet” that will enable users to access their earned rewards.

About Santa Browser:

Santa is a web browser on a quest to redefine the internet. Through one of Santa’s main features, “Santa Rewards,” we want to transform how consumers and advertising interact, starting with online ads. Santa Rewards’ main goal is to return advertising profits created by consumers’ voluntarily engaging with ads to them in the form of cryptocurrency and other advantages. All advertisements provided by Santa Rewards are non-intrusive, respect user privacy, and never interfere with a user’s web browsing. Santa is committed to continuously creating and enhancing solutions that give people more control over their data and privacy.

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