Meta voiced vehement defense of its metaverse investment, claiming it still ‘believes in the future’ and would not succumb to ‘short-term thinking’

Meta voiced vehement defense of its metaverse investment, claiming it still ‘believes in the future’ and would not succumb to ‘short-term thinking’

The company’s chief technology officer Andrew Bosworth stated in a blog post on Monday titled “Why we still believe in the future” that Reality Labs, the division in charge of its virtual-reality efforts, which is crucial to its metaverse plans, will continue to receive 20% of its funding from Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

The amount of investment, according to Bosworth, “makes sense for a corporation devoted to being at the forefront of one of the most competitive and innovative industries on earth.”
Bosworth responded to complaints that the business was neglecting its primary channels, like Instagram, in favor of the metaverse.

Since we think that the strength of the core can support an ambitious agenda for the future, we continue to focus the majority of our efforts on our family of applications, he said.

John Carmack, who served as the consulting CTO for Meta’s virtual reality programme, which included the Meta Quest headgear, resigned from the firm last week, prompting the opening. Carmack expressed his “tiredness of the fight” with Meta in a letter obtained by Insider.

In the note, Carmack claimed, “We produced something quite close to the proper thing.” The problem is our effectiveness.

“I have never been able to destroy dumb things before they cause damage, or define a direction and have a team genuinely commit to it,” the speaker continued.

The Meta Quest Pro, according to the blog post by Bosworth, is one of the “foundational pieces of technology enabling our vision for the future,” and 2022 will be recognised for putting such technologies “into the hands of developers and users for the first time.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has invested heavily in the metaverse, a term used to describe a type of virtual connectivity that is considered to be the internet of the future.

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