Meta Joins The Metaverse Standards Forum with 33 Other Firms

Meta Joins The Metaverse Standards Forum with 33 Other Firms

Taking the Metaverse technology to the main forefront of the industrial space, Meta and 33 other top-rated firms have come together to form ‘The Metaverse Standards Forum.’ With this initiative, the participating companies and organizations will work together to provide open, interoperable standards for AR, VR, geospatial, 3D technology, and Metaverse technology. The list of founding members of the forum includes biggies such as Meta, Adobe, Microsoft, and Nvidia with Google and Apple going for no participation in the project.

The strategic announcement revealed that the Forum will play a significant role in resolving the limitations enveloping the present Metaverse ecosystem. It will work to overcome the interoperability complications that are hampering the growth and deployment of Metaverse technology. The Forum will explore how the Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) that define the standards can be coordinated, managed, and evolved. The other founding members of the Forum include brands like Epic Games, Ikea, Qualcomm, Sony, and the XR Association along with SDOs like The Khronos Group, World Wide Web Consortium, and Open Geospatial Consortium.

According to the release, the Metaverse Standards Forum will emphasize potential action-based projects such as hackathons, plugfests, prototyping, and open-source tooling for fostering testing and adoption of common standards. They will focus on developing a unified terminology and guidelines for deployment for the sector. This will help to bring uniformity and transparency.

The Forum’s focus will differ depending on the membership, however, topics under discussion will include 3D assets and human experience involving technologies like AR and VR, avatars, identities, digital content, privacy, and financial trades. It will explore multiple areas having high potential of growth and development in the near future. This includes spatial computing, AR, VR, geospatial systems, physical simulation, online finance, real-time interactions, etc. The first meeting of the Forum is likely to take place in July and will play a role in paving way for its future plans and endeavors.

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