Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown timer with ‘Easter Egg’

Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown timer with 'Easter Egg'

As a sign of support for the upcoming Ethereum Merge, the tech titan Google has created a new countdown to highlight how much time is left for the merge.

Any time you type the words “Ethereum Merge” or “The Merge,” the search engine will provide a countdown ticker with an estimated time left till the Merge depending on the current difficulty, hash rate, and merge difficulty.

Off to the side, a caricature of two happy pandas racing toward one another with extended hands is shown; it is hinted that the pandas will get closer as the Merge date draws near. Sam Padilla, a Google Cloud developer, said in a tweet from September 9 that the timer was “a nice little surprise” and a gesture to honor “the labor that has been put into this for years.”

He recognized that the Google search and labs teams had completed the work, but asserted that he had “kick-started” the idea and, following discussion, that led to the timer’s implementation. According to Padilla’s explanation in the same post, the timer is directly connected to the blockchain and updates the countdown in real-time.

Furthermore, he dropped a subtle indication that pandas will get closer as the Merge date approaches, saying, “But you didn’t hear that from me.”

On May 6, Google announced the creation of a Web3 team within Google Cloud, indicating the company’s growing interest in the cryptocurrency market.

However, in addition to Google developers, there are other people who are closely monitoring the merger. The keyword “Ethereum Merge” produced scores above 50 many times during the preceding 30 days, culminating at 100 on September 3, according to current Google search statistics.

A number of 100 indicates a term’s peak popularity, whereas a value of 50 represents a term that is “half as popular.” A score of 0 means that there wasn’t enough data for the day.

Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands are the countries most interested in the upcoming Ethereum Merge, according to a recent CoinGecko analysis.

Ten search phrases, such as “Ethereum Merge,” “ETH Merge,” and “Ethereum PoW,” were investigated to determine ranks. These rankings were then merged to create an overall ranking.

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