Decentralized Storage Alliance Launches To Bridge Web2 & Web3 Gap Through Advocacy & Education

Decentralized Storage Alliance Launches To Bridge Web2 & Web3 Gap Through Advocacy & Education

Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, has joined forces with Protocol Labs and other prominent web3 ecosystem players to launch a Decentralized Storage Alliance. According to the announcement, One of the most significant focuses for this alliance is to assist web2 organizations in transitioning to web3 ecosystems through advocacy, education, and other best practices.

With this alliance, the company believes it is bringing together different viewpoints from leading web3 and web2 entities, including Advanced Micro Devices, Seagate, and Ernst & Young. The organization envisioned this alliance as a change in web3 demographics and increased the adoption for fast growth.

The company also seeks plans to provide educational content to help transition and manage decentralized data storage together. The educational content will help new organizations adopt web3 storage and ease their onboarding.

As announced by the Head of Network Growth at Protocol Labs, Stefaan Veraet, “With top tier leaders across web2 and web3 coming together to explore the unrealized potential of decentralized technology, this alliance has the power to transform the foundation of the internet.”

Furthermore, Protocol Labs is approaching growth in web3 space extensively by launching another initiative to re-establish web3 with a comparatively less carbon footprint. The organization launched as a solution to reduce the environmental impact of Filecoin. 

The recent announcements and developments from Filecoin are directing the use of blockchain technology to improve the traditional data infrastructure. The alliance introduced a panel for the exclusive members at FIL-LISBON. As Daniel Leon, the alliance lead, believes, “decentralized storage technology has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses store data by enabling verifiable, secure, and efficient storage.”

Additionally, he mentioned, “The first step will be to form working groups dedicated to helping enterprises adopt decentralized storage technologies.”

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