Qatar Airways Envisions Metaverse to Empower Humanity in the Future

Qatar Airways Envisions Metaverse to Empower Humanity in the Future

On Tuesday, Qatar Airways announced the debut of QVerse, the first-ever metaverse adventure. The decision is made anticipating that the virtual platform will empower tourists to visually explore and navigate the premium Check-in section of the Hamad International Airport (HIA).

However, with QVerse, the company has taken its first step into the metaverse. The corporation stated that it plans to extend its support to virtual environment potentialities and anticipates that the metaverse will play a futuristic role in shaping human relations.

“We think the future will be virtual.” By questioning the most fundamental techniques that were formerly constraints, the metaverse will empower humans, extend their horizons, and break their limits.”

The firm’s move into the metaverse represents its passengers’ need for “immersive material that may accelerate their decision-making before purchasing a ticket, and are typically eager to discover the aircraft they will travel,” according to the company.

“As a result, we believe QVerse will transform the way passengers shop,” business reps remarked.

The business also stated that it hopes to expand its metaverse platform with new features, locations, and interactions, with the goal of making the experience more convivial and accessible through the Oculus Quest VR platform.

Choices and actions in metaverse gateway such as Decentraland and The Sandbox are possible. It also promises to feature the purchase of tangible airline tickets and the selection of seats on real planes via the metaverse, as per the corporation.

According to the company, “Our present focus is on building our metaverse rather than Decentraland or Sandbox.” However, we do not rule out the possibility of this approach. We’re still figuring out how to expand this area and carefully include NFTs into QVerse.”

With the adoption of the IATA Blockchain ‘Digital Passport’ last year, Qatar Airways becomes the first airline in the Middle East, thanks to cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In addition, the United States Air Force has made its metaverse debut by registering a trademark for SpaceVerse, a project. 

While the directive does not go into great detail regarding the SpaceVerse, it does mention that it will be used by the US Defense Department for virtual reality training, testing, and operations.

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