Alchemy stepped in to streamline Dapp access with their Web3 app store

Alchemy stepped in to streamline Dapp access with their Web3 app store

Alchemy, the popular web3 developer platform, announced Tuesday that it is ruling out a Dapp (decentralized applications) store. The launch aims to streamline access to decentralized applications for developers and users. The recent relationship between web3 Technologies and centralized entities has not been very productive. In the last week, the popular crypto exchange and NFT marketplace, Coinbase, halted mobile transfers due to the excessive fees of the Apple App store. Apple’s App Store demand of 30% of the gas fees associated with transfers is becoming a problem for NFT users.

The head of growth at Alchemy, Jason Shah, told CoinDesk that while the app store is a centralized product, it is not yet monetized and envisions providing free to-all access for curious web3 users and developers who are eager to put their innovative technologies into use for an audience. 

Shah said, “We are all about getting free resources to the community that we think we can grow with it.” He further added, “Again, we have built based into the system to have the community actually shape it.” Jason told CoinDesk that, unlike other marketplaces motivated by earning loyalties, Alchemy is highly motivated to onboard new users unfamiliar with the web3 ecosystem by providing an accessible and organized marketplace. Usually, web3 products are fragmented, and decentralized applications are scattered across different protocols and websites, which reduces users’ trust while using Blockchain technologies


He said, “We wanted to really step in and help provide an open community-oriented product while still providing a kind of clarity and trust to consumers.” Shah added, “If we believe in the future of web3, we really need to make it simple for users to get the word out there and educate consumers about the benefits they provide.” 

As Alchemy provided in its third quarter report, Web3 developers are building applications, and Alchemy is developing technologies. Last month, Alchemy released Spearmint, a product to help innovators and developers keep out bad actors while minting non-fungible tokens. Alchemy also raised $12 million for a new venture capital fund in September. 

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