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Ethereum Developer Salary in India

Current job market is excessively dynamic in India for blockchain developers. Companies require good experience as well as good recognition of skill with certification.

Ethereum Developer Salary in India has quite a spectrum with random blockchain companies coming up and running, there are companies who are offering INR 20K per month to companies offering INR 1 Lakh per month depending upon your experience of course.

An average experience Ethereum Developer Salary in India as of 2018 is around 5L to 30L INR per annum depending upon how much experience and how much skill a developer has in coding, managing projects, running teams of blockchain developers, handling clients and stakeholders, communication skills etc as per reports online and various industry experts.

To achieve the best salary, it is imperative that one keeps as many skills handy as possible and make a secure position for oneself. For this Blockchain Council extends it’s help in creating Certified training programs to give developers an extra edge to ask for a valid compensation

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