6 Hidden Tips To Simplify The Payroll Process

The biggest headache for business owners is processing payroll. It sounds like a very simple task, but when you factor in the fees, taxes, and various other components including regulations, it becomes a complex process that business owners shy away from. Whether you have ten employees or a thousand, your payroll process does not need to be this complicated, here are 6 secret tips that will help you simplify your payroll process.

  • Direct Deposit

Paper checks are not only a hassle but are also prone to errors. This is the reason you need to have a direct deposit system to pay your employees. A direct deposit system, as the name implies, is a system with which you send the wages to your employees directly to their bank accounts. Many banks support direct deposit either within a service package or with a nominal fee. 

  • Outsource 

The payroll process is a very complex component of handling a business. With time it is evolving due to changing regulations and policies. A very effective way to simplify your payroll system is to outsource it. Outsourcing gives you experienced people handling your payroll system by paying your employees on time, with all the calculations and compliances necessary. Although it seems impossible to let someone else handle your business matters, the business world has evolved a lot with time. Many companies specialize and provide services that are necessary for a business to run. 

  • Go Online

Many businesses have turned towards software that helps in processing the payroll. Some software is a little complicated and handles other financials along with the payroll, however, you can use an online paystubs maker, which is usually quite user-friendly and does not require a lot of technical knowledge. This way you can make your paychecks online, and send digital copies of the paychecks to employees. 

With an online system, you save your time, money, and the environment (paperless system). 

You can consider implementing blockchain Technology. You must have heard about it, but did you know you can implement it in your payroll process as well. It is a distributed digital ledger for tracking records. Blockchain will not only allow you to securely keep records of your employee but also help in automating the payment of taxes, ensuring benefits are paid by engineering it to make an increase in payments after a certain time and help in implementing expense reimbursement through company-specific currency! Blockchain creates trust due to the transparent company payroll process.

  • Consolidate Pay Schedule

Some companies pay hourly and salaried employees on different schedules. Maintaining different schedules leaves room for error. You can consider using an employee schedule template or scheduling software that allows you to follow a set schedule for payroll. This will cut payroll costs and make your system efficient. 

  • File Your Taxes Electronically

Payroll and other activities make you obligated to meet deadlines to file for taxes to ensure you comply with state laws if you pay them online you’ll save from postage costs and the hassle of long lines at the post office. 

  • Stay Organized 

Records are important. So, even if you opt for an automated system, you need to stay organized with your paystubs storage and maintenance. You can consider cloud storage or a hard drive. Always remember to back up your data daily to ensure you don’t lose any data. 

Whatever system you choose to update your payroll system to, ensure that you communicate with your employees. If you turn to technology, ensure you train your employees accordingly. By simplifying the payroll system, you allow yourself to have time to grow your business. So, consider the secret tips shared here to make your payroll system worry-free.

A Certified Blockchain and HR Professional™ is one who uses Blockchain to gain an accurate picture of the overall performance of the employees and business, in general. He assists enterprises in digitizing their human resources using the Blockchain technology which helps store information in a secure, decentralized, and immutable manner.

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