Corda Certifications

The Corda Blockchain platform is used for recording, management, and synchronization of the financial agreements, standardized data, and business processes. Its applicability across industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare, trade finance, and digital assets has made Corda certifications quite popular. The Corda online training provided by Blockchain Council comes with an all-inclusive and detailed self-paced syllabus structure.

The Certified Corda Expert starts from the basics of Blockchain before the introduction of the Corda blockchain, including a comparative market study. Further, this Corda online training covers Corda structures, Corda Ledgers, the Corda States and Vaults, etc. Moreover, it focuses on a detailed study of Corda, including key concepts, architecture, and the Corda Network. This certification will give you a command over Corda transactions as well because you will also be setting up the environment and building a Corda network.

The Certified Corda Developer training is especially for those who want to build and deploy distributed app solutions, which is the unique feature of a Corda network. You will learn all about the tools. plugins and languages that are a prerequisite to crafting a Corda node and network. In this Corda online training, you will get in-depth knowledge of structuring, creating, building, debugging, and signing of a CorDapp. Once you complete the course, it is followed by an exam to test your proficiency before you’re rewarded with a verified certification by Blockchain Council.

The Certified Corda Architect gives you architectural understanding and exposure to the Corda platform. This Corda online training will equip you to make crucial decisions about Corda projects and even craft guidelines for the same. It spans across the Corda ecosystem, Corda network, Corda node, Corda transactions, Corda consensus, Corda contracts, Corda identity, Corda flow, Corda time-window, Corda notary service, Corda oracle service and the like. By the end of this certification, you will be proficiently building a Corda Flow.

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