What is Cryptojacking? Learn About its Awareness, Detection and Prevention

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Curious to learn the concept of cryptojacking? If your answer is yes, you have landed at the right page. This article illustrates everything you need to know about cryptojacking, its awareness, detection, and how to keep yourself safe.


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  • What is cryptojacking?
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What is Cryptojacking? 


It is defined as the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. This type of attack allows hackers to use the computing power of innocent victims so they can mine Bitcoin and Ethereum as cryptocurrencies.


With just a few lines of code, smart hackers can hijack the resources of computers or mobile devices and leave unsuspecting victims with increased processor usage, slower computer response times, overheating computer devices, and even higher electricity bills. This is not the only way that hackers are adopting. Hackers can hijack either getting the victim to click on a malicious link that loads cryptomining code on the system or by infecting a website or online ad with JavaScript that executes automatically once loaded in the victim’s browser.


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How Can Cryptohackers Infect Computers?


Now, as we have understood what is cryptohacking it is crucial to understand the methods that cryptojackers use to maliciously mine cryptocurrencies as being aware of these methods can lead to early detection of cryptojacking on your computer system.

Email Attack- File-Based Cryptojacking


This type of cryptohacking is the most prominent that occurs by using malicious emails. What happens is, an email is sent containing an attachment that looks legitimate such as a banking institution, and when the user clicks on the link, code is executed that downloads the cryptomining script onto the computer.

As this script works in the background, the user is not even aware that his computer is hijacked.


Cloud Cryptojacking


In cloud cryptojacking, cybercriminals hack into your computer network and look through code and files for API keys with cloud access, and once access is gained, hackers can use enormous amounts of computer resources, which results in a drastic cost increase to cloud account users without even knowing why.


Browser-Based Cryptojacking


In this type of hacking, hackers create a cryptomining script using any programming language and then embed that script into various websites. The script is embedded in ads and WordPress plugins that haven’t been updated. The script runs automatically, with code being downloaded onto the users’ computer. When the user visits the compromised website and clicks on the plugin or ads, the cryptojacking script starts to run in the background of the device.


Detecting Cryprojacking 


Detecting the malicious activity of cryptojacking and figuring out which of your systems have been compromised can be difficult, which can further degrade one’s business operation.

Here are some of the methods to detect cryptojacking before it’s too late.


Don’t overlook overheating devices– Cryptomining scripts use up a lot of computing resources, which can cause devices to work harder and overheat, which can lead to computer damage or shorten their lifespan.


Computing performance-Cryptomining code can cause a drop in your device’s performance that can even slow down the basic functions. As this can be the first sign of cryptomining, ask your employees to be aware of any decrease in processing.


Monitor abnormal CPU usage- Monitor your CPU usage, and if there is an increase in its usage when users are on a website with little media content, it’s a sign that cryptomining scripts may be running.


Stay updated about the latest Cryptojacking trends-Information about cryptojacking is continuously changing as cybercriminals come up with new mining scripts and methods of infecting your device. Staying updated about the latest trends can help you detect cryptojacking on your network and devices.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you should also check for coding changes on your websites and regularly scan for malware. Such practices will help you plan quickly and stop cryptojacking from happening on your devices.


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How to Prevent Cryptojacking?


Although detection methods mentioned above helps cure your devices, here is a list of some preventative measures to adopt when there’s a threat to protect your computer devices and your own crypto-assets.


  • Educating yourself and employees understand and detect cryptojacking in early stages so that immediate steps can be taken to investigate further.



  • Use anti-cryptomining extensions to prevent the threats as such extensions can stop cryptomining from happening.



  • For an extra layer of protection, disable JavaScript as it can stop cryptomining script from running on your computing and other devices.



  • Use ad-blocker as it can both detect and block malicious cryptomining code.



Final Words


Thus, in the end, we can say that staying safe from the latest threats like cryptojacking is a full-time job. But to keep your devices safe from unauthorized cryptojacking is not that difficult as it sounds. Cryptojacking is all about early-stage detection and proper preventive measures to adopt if a threat occurs. With the tips and tactics mentioned above, you have the means to detect and take preventive actions and ensure your computer resources remain yours alone.


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