Ways to Invest in Blockchain without Buying Cryptocurrencies?


We have been listening to a lot about Blockchain and Bitcoin. Despite the technology claiming to be the next big thing, many people still associate it with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. It’s a fact that Blockchain came into limelight only after Bitcoin. Although, initially Blockchain was initially considered to be known for cryptocurrency transaction, later, its multitude of features made it beneficial for various other fields. When it comes to investment in this technology, then most of us believe that buying cryptocurrency is the only medium. But, the fact of the matter is that there are various others ways in investing in Blockchain without investing in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.  In this blog, I will be focusing on different other forms of investment in the Blockchain.

Why people dread investing in Cryptocurrency?

Before heading further, it’s important to understand, why people don’t want to invest in cryptocurrency? The answer is simple; the skeptics believe that digital currency is not here for long. It’s like a bubble which will soon burst. Such people do not trust digital currency for long-term returns. But, this, surely doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in the Blockchain. It is a platform which makes cryptocurrency works. Similarly, Blockchain platform can be used for various other aspects and thus arise another question, where to invest in Blockchain other than cryptocurrency?

Companies which are investing in Blockchain and it’s not Cryptocurrency –

Most of us think that investment in Blockchain revolves only around cryptocurrencies, but that’s not the truth. There are many companies which are using the Blockchain platform, but their area of interest is not digital currency. Some of them are using for supply chain management while others are using it to create digital identities. To sum it up in simple words, investing in companies using Blockchain is the safest option. But an important point to note here is that you must choose a company which is good and performing well. Here is the list of companies which have used Blockchain Technology differently.


Ubiquity is using Blockchain to track the property records. We all know that the property business majorly runs on papers, but by using Blockchain as a ledger to keep all the records of the properties, it becomes effortless for people to trace the history. The benefit doesn’t end with tracking; Ubiquity is making use of this technology to transfer the ownership with the help of its blockchain SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform.


This company is similar to AirBnB. It makes use of Blockchain Technology to match the homeowners with the vacation renters. They have partnered with WTC with an aim to boost their business also increase the uptake of Ckey Token. It will become the first utility token to be used across the global rental platforms.


The company uses Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to help the HNIs to over the assets into the digital environment. The company has handled more than 200,000 of the world’s wealthiest client spread across Europe, China, the US.

Big Wind Capital

The company has inked an association with Hill Top Security, a company which works in Blockchain Technology. The motive behind this partnership is to find ways to cut down the military-grade cyber threats.


Microsoft is a company which is investing a lot in the Blockchain division. It has developed technologies where Blockchain has been used a platform for digital identity management.


IBM has developed a Blockchain as a Service platform or BaaS. This platform is being used for simplifying the supply chain management. Its recent partnership with Unilever is an effort in the direction to create a seamless digital supply chain management. This will help in easy tracking of the products and also make the record keeping work simple.

Kryptonite 1

It was earlier known as Guild Acquisitions. This Blockchain investment company is now focusing on projects for Blockchain-based digital assets. Publically is traded on London’s through NEX exchange.

The list doesn’t end here; companies are now using Blockchain as a platform for various other aspects of elections, corruption, tracking of funds, etc. The reasons behind its growing popularity as a future technology is its myriad of features which make it hold a promising future.

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