VeChain to Launch Blockchain-Based Medical Platform in Cyprus Hospital


As we all are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been disrupting lives worldwide, the epidemic has highlighted the increasing demand for digital technologies. Intending to enable digital transformation in the healthcare sector, VeChain, together with I-Dante, co-developed a blockchain-enabled medical data management platform.


Built by VeChain, powered by blockchain technology, a hospital in Cyprus will soon deploy a blockchain-based medical data management system. Talking about VeChain, it is a blockchain-based platform that aims at facilitating and securing the collection, management, and exchange of data. 


The platform, named “The E-NewHealthLife,” is set to see deployment at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, a hospital under the General Healthcare System of the Republic of Cyprus (GHS) is the first hospital to adopt DLT-Based Medical Data Management. The hospital has 300 employees and processed 38,000 outpatient visits during 2019.


Cyprus to Deploy Blockchain-Based Medical Data Management system


With proven advantages in terms of secured data storage and efficient information sharing between multiple parties, blockchain, a distributed ledger technology(DLT) has emerged as the best option in hand. In order to achieve excellent patient-centric healthcare provision and secure data sharing, while complying with increasingly strict regulations on the use and sharing of patient data,  E-NewHealthLife Web App in the Emergency Department of the hospital is the first phase of this project.


Powered by VeChain ToolChain, the Digital Healthcare Passport is an encrypted NFC Card that can be assigned to any patient of the hospital, allowing them to identify themselves, check waiting lists, and autonomously manage their medical records from their mobile phones. According to VeChain, its platform is capable of eliminating the middleman and accessing patient databases on a large population scale.


The app renders services to hospitals and end-users at the same time and is in full compliance with the GDPR.


DLT Deployed for a Wide-Variety of Contexts

Vechain also cites numerous challenges encountered by the hospital, including the administrative and technical difficulties of pooling data from different digital records systems, a lack of collaboration between local departments and agencies, and balancing health imperatives and privacy concerns.”


Despite the challenges, the decision by VeChain to link up with different firms and help them solve their problems collectively is reflected in this collaboration.  Instead of relying on health information exchanges or other ways to aggregate data, VeChain is capable of eliminating the middleman and can access patient databases on a large scale.  VeChain’s application is not just restricted to this one. Recently, in April, the announcement was made that Blockchain technology will be used to ensure the authenticity of Chinese KN95 face masks by leveraging VeChain. 


Amid the coronavirus epidemic, China has also turned to blockchain to manage medical data, track the supply of virus prevention materials, and consult the public. Moreover, the technology is useful in various contexts, including medical supply tracking, data management, distributing donations, and more. Given the massive potential of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector, VeChain will continue to develop solutions for all stakeholders and pursue more opportunities in the near future.


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