UAE Startup Relies on Blockchain-Based Solution to Contain COVID-19 Cases 


UAE-based startup incubator, in5, is helping to design blockchain-based systems to contain COVID-19 outbreak and to assure the safety and well-being of the UAE community. To flatten the curve, in5, believes that blockchain-based solutions may contain growing cases of the pandemic.


According to a recent report, Liber Health, which is a blockchain and biometrics-powered patient identification platform based in Dubai Internet City, is creating a contactless system to recognize the biometric ID data and analyze suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

“It is safer than other biometric identification systems such as fingerprint scanners, which are more likely to spread pathogens,” says the report. Liber Health hopes that by monitoring patients who were involved with suspected COVID-19 circumstances, they may be able to help individuals practice quarantine measures as soon as possible.


It also plans to expand conversations with major public and private sector entities, primarily in UAE, to implement the technology and lessen the number of COVID-19 infections. Liber Health is a nationwide patient identity blockchain network that uses patient biometrics for identification and health data linkage.


Liber Health Could Save Patient Lives


According to Syed Abrar Ahmed, “platform could save thousands of patent lives lost due to medical errors caused by the lack of auditable health data.” Further, he added that “it is also compatible and scalable to every electronic medical record (EMR) system and healthcare application in the world.”


Additionally, in5 also seeks to leverage 3D printing and robotics to ensure the country’s safety and well-being amid ongoing efforts to curb coronavirus. Their proposed robotics aims to keep kids engaged at the house while making a contactless biometric ID device.


Majed Al Suwaidi, managing director of Dubai Media City and in5 lead, stated that “Dubai has always been a hub for talent, and we enable highly-skilled individuals with innovative ideas to thrive across our sector-focused ecosystems.” He also reported that “some of the sharpest minds are now creating potentially life-saving products and services to beat the virus, while others are proactively reaching out to relevant authorities to provide knowledge and expertise.”


Blockchain Continous Efforts to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic


Presently, the world is looking for different solutions to curb the COVID-19; there has not been any effective cure for the pandemic. Blockchain can help develop treatments quickly as they would allow for rapid processing of data, thus enabling early detection of symptoms before they spread to the level of the epidemic.  Moreover, the technology can be useful in tracking infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. It could offer a platform where all the concerning authorities such as governments, medical professionals, media, health organizations, and others can update each other about the situation and prevent it from worsening further.


Tech giant IBM is also leveraging blockchain technology to connect buyers with non-traditional suppliers producing masks and other PPE needed to combat COVID-19. Recently, an Internet of Things(IoT)blockchain specialist and a healthcare data firm have teamed up for securely handling the results of COVID-19 mass testing. Further, Covid-19 drives the implementation of crypto and blockchain solutions in Colombia as well. The U.S. Congress, on the other hand, is considering developing a voting solution to allow remote Senate voting amid the coronavirus pandemic with the help of blockchain technology.


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