List Of Top Startups In Blockchain Globally

The future of Blockchain industry is still rising to its reputation. This is because of the awareness of the individuality has not out grown. This technology is not yet absolute. We all know that Blockchain technology has not yet turned out to be the mainstream. However, the investment has already exceeded to an amount of one billion.

Here I’ve compiled a list of the best four Blockchain start-ups which is making a mark in this industry.


This stream is properly described as the stealth mode Bitcoin organization which works with the development and acceleration of the Cryptocurrency as well as the assets which are open with the smart contract technology. Blockstream is a company which is running very packed by doing the background checks for Bitcoin. This firm has been recently launching numerous sidechain projects so as to improve the transfer speed of coin exchanges.


Ethereum is now the most trending innovative technology built for computing the concepts in Bitcoin. This system is known for the model which generates shared world ledger that notes the Bitcoin balance and keeps a record of it. Ethereum uses peer-to-peer networking to generate a computing platform that can easily run any application users.


Augur is a platform which predicts the future to this technology by forecasting the market platform based on the real world events. This platform helps the users to place bets to win real money by taking advantage of Ethereum’s decentralized infrastructure. Also, this technology is subjected to other various legal constraints and jurisdictions.


Lisk is a decentralized form of a platform which is almost similar to Ethereum but written in JavaScript and running on Sidechains. This platform will always allow the JavaScript developers to deploy a blockchain application within the sidechain. Further, there is no need to learn any kind of complex language. This platform allows the users in the blockchain to use, code and deploy.


This platform is a global digital ledger that identifies and accurately protects items of value. Moreover, this platform has introduced functionality into their blockchain technology which has the potential and ability to add data into the blockchain and also bind them together to make the record of the exchanges. The main purpose of the functionality is to make the transaction in the blockchain flexible and easier.

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