Bing Chat Vs ChatGPT - All You Need to Know

Bing Chat Vs ChatGPT – All You Need to Know [UPDATED]


  • Generates human-like responses in conversational settings.
  • Excels in natural language understanding and processing.
  • Provides interactive dialogue and stimulates conversation.
  • It can be used for virtual assistants, chatbots, and customer support.
  • Tailored for generating text-based responses and engaging users.
  • Focuses on generating contextually relevant and coherent answers.
  • Offers flexibility in adapting to various conversational scenarios.
  • Supports customization and fine-tuning for specific use cases.
  • Primarily used for language generation and understanding tasks.
  • Emphasizes generating creative and informative responses.
  • Acts as a search engine, retrieving information from the web.
  • Delivers comprehensive and relevant search results.
  • Provides a wide range of web-based information and resources.
  • Offers functionalities like image search, news, maps, and more.
  • Utilizes indexing algorithms to organize and rank web pages.
  • Enables users to find information, websites, and specific content.
  • Focuses on retrieving factual information and reference materials.
  • Provides tools for refining searches and filtering results.
  • Supports advertising and sponsored content placement.
  • Offers web-based services and utilities beyond the conversation.

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has garnered widespread attention and sparked conversations across the internet. This AI chatbot has impressed users with its remarkable ability to generate text, engage in conversational dialogue, write code, and perform various other tasks. Its versatile capabilities have fueled a high demand for chatbots in the tech industry, and natural language chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat have emerged as prominent players in this domain. Although these services may appear similar at first glance, there are a lot of important differences which make them completely different in their application.

Recognizing the immense success of ChatGPT, numerous companies hurried to enter the generative AI space. In February, Microsoft announced the integration of AI technology into its Bing search engine. However, AI-powered Bing differs significantly from ChatGPT, primarily due to its access to the vast expanse of the internet. This integration gives Bing a unique advantage, providing structured information and simplified explanations about complex topics. This article will explore and learn about both chatbots and try to understand which is better.

What are AI chatbots?

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are designed to engage in human-like conversations using a technique called natural language processing (NLP). Through NLP, these chatbots can understand and interpret human language as it is written, allowing them to function autonomously to a great extent.

AI chatbot software can comprehend language beyond predetermined commands and generate appropriate responses based on existing data. This empowers users to drive the conversation, expressing their intentions in their own words. AI chatbots continually learn from their interactions, enabling them to adapt their responses to different patterns and novel situations over time. This dynamic learning process enables them to serve various purposes, such as analyzing customer sentiments or predicting the specific information a website visitor seeks. 

AI chatbots offer a versatile and intelligent solution that can actively engage with users, understand their language, and enhance their conversational experiences by adapting to evolving circumstances and requirements. The AI chatbot landscape has become increasingly competitive, with companies vying to offer innovative solutions and capture user attention. The emergence of AI-powered Bing alongside ChatGPT has propelled natural language chatbots to the forefront of technological advancement, captivating the tech industry and the wider online community.

Understand how ChatGPT and Bing Chat work

ChatGPT and Bing Chat belong to the generative AI segment, which empowers them to generate original text that was not previously written. The accuracy of these AI systems is crucial for their usefulness, and here’s how they work.

ChatGPT and Bing Chat rely on a large language model developed by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based startup. ChatGPT employs the GPT-3.5 model, trained on an extensive corpus of online text data. On the other hand, Bing Chat is suspected of utilizing the more advanced GPT-4 language model. While GPT-4 can be accessed through ChatGPT, it is a paid feature. 

Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat possess the ability to generate human-like text across diverse topics. You have to write a prompt describing what you want the generative AI to write in the case of ChatGPT and Bing Chat, where in response, it acts on the provided information to fetch the results. 

However, Bing Chat goes a step further by leveraging its integration with the internet to search for real-time information. While this feature provides the advantage of up-to-date data, it also carries the risk of encountering misinformation, which would introduce bias into the chatbot’s responses. To mitigate this, Bing Chat often includes citations from its sources at the bottom of each response, allowing users to easily verify the accuracy by clicking on the provided links.

Exercising caution and not placing complete trust in either chatbot is important. Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat are susceptible to “hallucinating,” where they generate responses that may sound plausible but lack a basis in reality. This emphasizes the need for critical evaluation and verification of the information provided by these AI systems. The underlying features allow their users to use them in various ways where they can try to get a desired response by making changes to the prompt they use.

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Why are both chatbots so different?

This section will try to understand why these chatbots are so different in their applications and working despite the same underlying mechanism.

Possible Use of GPT-4 in Bing Chat

While Microsoft hasn’t explicitly mentioned the exact model used in training, hints suggest that it could potentially be GPT-4, the highly anticipated successor to GPT-3. The proximity of GPT-4’s expected release, as The New York Times mentioned, adds to the speculation. Using a better model is one of the prominent reasons behind the difference in the quality of response that Bing Chat provides.

Lower Latency and Naturalistic Responses

The underlying model of Bing Chat demonstrates lower latency than ChatGPT, indicating the usage of either GPT-4 or a different version. Additionally, Bing Chat’s conversational style and tone, embodied by Sydney’s persona, resemble the natural and spontaneous characteristics commonly associated with models from the GPT family.

Repetitiveness in Extended Conversations

Similar to GPT models, Sydney, the persona of Bing Chat, may exhibit occasional repetitive tendencies as conversations prolong. This behavior aligns with the characteristics observed in GPT models.

Strengths of Each Chatbot

In this section, we will try to understand some strengths that make ChatGPT or Bing Chat unique in their workings.

Bing Chat

Bing AI for Real-Time Information and Web-Based Information 

Regarding inquiries about current events, Bing AI emerges as the chatbot of choice. With its comprehensive web indexing, Bing AI possesses a vast repository of the latest news, stories, and research, ensuring its responses are up-to-date and relevant to your queries. Because of its integration with the internet, Bing is better at providing more recent information and requires less context when asked a question that requires web assistance.

Bing AI’s Human-Like Responses

Similar to ChatGPT, Bing AI excels at providing human-like, conversational responses. This makes it particularly valuable for addressing questions about ongoing news topics, allowing you to delve deeper into areas that pique your curiosity.

Through an update in April, Bing further enhanced its news feature, enabling the chatbot to offer more detailed and comprehensive answers to questions related to news and sports. This optimization enhances the accuracy and richness of Bing AI’s responses in the realm of current events.

Verified Sources

One common concern with using ChatGPT is the inability to verify the accuracy of its responses due to the absence of provided sources. OpenAI acknowledges that ChatGPT may exhibit hallucinations and inaccuracies, as it is an AI model susceptible to errors. Bing AI aims to overcome this challenge by offering source citations.

When engaging with Bing AI, you will notice that its responses include footnotes that direct you to the exact sources from which the information was obtained. You can instantly access the respective web articles by clicking on the footnotes, ensuring transparency and allowing for fact-checking. This feature proves especially valuable in tasks where accuracy is crucial, such as workplace or academic deliverables, research endeavors, or even casual conversations where you desire a solid understanding of the topics discussed. Bing AI empowers users with verifiable sources, enhancing confidence in shared information.

GPT-4 Access: Bing AI’s Gateway to OpenAI’s Latest Model

GPT-4, the latest iteration of OpenAI’s language model systems, surpasses the capabilities of GPT-3.5, the large language model employed by ChatGPT. It offers improved performance and reliability. Two avenues are available to access the text-input features of GPT-4: ChatGPT Plus, which requires a subscription fee of $20 per month, or the new Bing, which is entirely free. 

On May 4, 2023. Microsoft unveiled major AI upgrades for both Bing and Edge, surpassing the capabilities of ChatGPT as it was revealed that Bing uses the latest GPT-4 for its generative AI chat. Access to Bing’s latest features does not involve a premium subscription. Microsoft aims to ensure accessibility to a global market without introducing additional subscription tiers.

Microsoft’s Focus on Worldwide Coverage

Unlike ChatGPT, features on BIng are more readily available to all users around the globe once you have initial access. Microsoft expressed its commitment to offering all the advanced features to a worldwide audience, highlighting its goal of making the technology accessible to various markets. 


ChatGPT Takes the Lead in Overall Hype 

Since its launch, ChatGPT has emerged as the leading AI chatbot, setting the benchmark for other chatbots that have followed suit. Its widespread popularity is well-deserved due to its impressive capabilities in providing insights and assistance across various domains, including technical areas like writing and coding.

According to a prominent learning platform, ChatGPT has become the most sought-after tech skill in the workforce. Its proficiency in tackling a wide range of tasks has made it an invaluable asset in professional settings, further fueling the demand for its utilization. This has made online courses that empower novices to learn new concepts more prominent and the need of the hour.

ChatGPT is freely available to all users, inviting everyone to experience the hype firsthand. If you’re curious about the benefits an AI chatbot can offer, why not try the one that kickstarted the frenzy and see if it lives up to the high expectations?

ChatGPT’s Knowledge of Pre-2021 is still super relevant

ChatGPT was trained on a comprehensive dataset comprising the entirety of the web before 2021. This extensive training enables ChatGPT to provide thorough and conversational responses to questions about topics or events before 2021. While Bing may sound more attractive due to its internet access, sometimes it can’t provide relevant information or context to the prompt. 

Diving Deeper: ChatGPT’s Ability to Explain Complex Topics

Your interactions with ChatGPT need not be limited to typical search engine queries. You can delve into specific mathematical and coding prompts, benefiting from ChatGPT’s ability to offer detailed explanations and guidance. ChatGPT is invaluable when seeking clarity on established topics in your learning or research journey.

Through rigorous testing, ChatGPT has proven its ability to provide the most in-depth responses among its chatbot counterparts, surpassing even Bing’s chatbot. For instance, when confronted with a complex question such as “What is life?” ChatGPT delivers a comprehensive answer spanning several paragraphs, exploring various facets and interpretations of the concept. In contrast, Bing’s chatbot offers a brief three-sentence response, lacking the same depth of analysis

Unlimited Curiosity: ChatGPT’s Query Limitation Advantage

Unlike Bing Chat, which imposes query caps, ChatGPT liberates your curiosity with unrestricted question-asking. Regardless of the number of follow-up inquiries, ChatGPT diligently provides in-depth responses, satisfying your thirst for knowledge. Bing Chat might be good for a quick search or searching for context, but its query limitations make it impossible to have a long conversation about any topic. ChatGPT has a major advantage with no query cap, even for its free model.

How can you access and use them?ChatGPT was introduced in late 2022 as a web-based tool offering open access to users. This unrestricted accessibility remains in place. You can search ChatGPT on your browsers or access it through OpenAI’s website. However, it’s important to note that OpenAI may alter this policy once they gather sufficient data and the project transitions out of the research preview phase. But for now, it’s very easy to use and access ChatGPT.

Similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft has adopted a free-to-use strategy for Bing Chat. The only requirement is utilizing Microsoft’s Edge web browser to access the chatbot’s services. To access Bing Chat, interested users had to join a waitlist that typically takes a few days to navigate. But this has been removed recently, and now you can sign up and start using Bing Chat without any waitlist. Unlike ChatGPT, which operates exclusively in a web browser, Microsoft has expanded the reach of Bing Chat to various platforms. This includes integrating the Bing mobile app, Swiftkey keyboard, and Skype group chats. As a result, Bing Chat offers broad availability and versatility, comparable even to Google’s Bard chatbot.

Both are good in their ways

Bing Chat and ChatGPT are new offerings with various features and benefits. Bing Chat is better at finding up-to-date information and acting as an assistant, while ChatGPT is more adept at creative conversations or helping with writing in a specific style. Bing Chat is a good option for people new to AI chatbots. It is easy to use and provides a guided experience. ChatGPT is a good option for people more experienced with AI chatbots. It is more creative and can be used for various tasks.

While choosing the best AI chatbot for you will depend on your needs and preferences. You can also learn more advanced techniques by enrolling in a course that will teach you everything you need to know about these Chatbots and how to use them to find the information you need or perform your reactive pursuits better.


Suppose you want to accomplish verbal tasks, whether creative writing or inductive reasoning, try ChatGPT. If you are looking for a chatbot to use as an interface with the web, to find sources and answer questions you might otherwise have turned to Google for, then head over to Bing. 

This is because the models inside each chatbot are entirely different, and how they utilize the information depends on the data they have been trained on. The overlay that parses and redirects commands and instructions is also constantly being updated to fit the data they can process better. We are only just beginning to explore the capabilities of these systems. Thus, using them constantly while learning about them from a certified online course is the best way to understand how they work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ChatGPT and Bing serve different purposes. ChatGPT is an AI language model designed for natural language processing and generating human-like responses. On the other hand, Bing is a search engine that helps users find information online. While ChatGPT excels in generating conversational responses, Bing specializes in retrieving relevant web search results. The choice between the two depends on your specific task or requirement.

ChatGPT and the new Bing have distinct functionalities. ChatGPT is an AI language model that generates responses to user queries, aiming to simulate human-like conversation. On the other hand, the new Bing is an upgraded version of Microsoft’s search engine, focused on delivering more comprehensive and relevant search results from the web. While ChatGPT is geared towards interactive dialogue, Bing aims to provide information and answers from various indexed web pages.

Several AI models are available, each with its strengths and purposes. It depends on the specific task or application you have in mind. While ChatGPT is known for its conversational abilities and natural language processing, other models like GPT-3, BERT, or Transformer XL excel in domains such as text generation, understanding complex contexts, or language translation. The choice of which AI is better depends on your project’s particular requirements and objectives.

While ChatGPT offers powerful language processing capabilities, it has a few limitations. It may generate responses that sound plausible but are factually incorrect or unreliable. The model sometimes needs help understanding context and may provide irrelevant or nonsensical answers. Additionally, it can be sensitive to input phrasing, and small changes in the question can lead to different responses. It’s important to validate the information from ChatGPT and exercise caution when relying solely on its responses.

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