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Top 10 Promising Blockchain Use Cases

Introduction Blockchain is a term which is constantly brought up whenever we talk about how technology has changed the way we live. For a good reason, blockchain fundamentally transforms our way of life for the better in a multitude of areas. Blockchain is undoubtedly a notable revolution in systems of record. Several of the brightest…

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How Blockchain Can Be Used In Clearing & Settlement?

Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin blockchain as a distributed ledger for recording the transactions and transfer of coin tokens between interconnected network. Many business enterprises and entrepreneurs use this concept as a platform for their financial transactions. This financial setup can be of big help by being the chain for the transaction. Easy to use and…

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How Blockchain Can Be Used In Auctions?

The Blockchain now plays a prominent role in the world of an auction. Auctions are the next best method to do a deal on a commodity. Our world is a place where every day, plenty of new commodities get released for the consumers use, like oil and soya. These commodities are synonymous, as oil at…