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Qualities of Ethereum over Other Cryptos

Cryptocurrency is essentially decentralized digital or virtual money that lacks a central bank and a central authority. It can be compared to an online currency that operates without the help of conventional financial institutions like banks or credit card firms and instead relies on blockchain technology. It is called a cryptocurrency because the money units…

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Vyper vs Solidity Ethereum Smart Contract Language: Which is Better?

Ehtereum undoubtedly topped the chart of the most popular blockchain used for developing blockchain projects. It was only a matter of time until smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain could be coded in a language other than Solidity. One language that allows Ethereum experts to create smart contract source code that is simpler to interpret…

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Understanding the Arbitrum Bridge: An Ultimate Guide

Arbitrum is an emerging roll-up technology. Transmitting messages between Arbitrum’s second layer chain and Ethereum’s main chain smart contracts allows exponential scaling for Ethereum smart contracts. Significantly increasing speed and efficiency, this layer 2 scaling solution conducts large volumes of transaction processing, with the outcomes recorded on the main chain. The primary way to send…