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What Are the Most-Likely-To-Succeed Cyberattacks and How to Prevent Them?

Table of Contents Introduction There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different cyberattacks and techniques attackers use. While all can be devastating, some are more likely to succeed than others. This article will cover the cyberattacks that are most likely to succeed and provide some tips on preventing them. What cyberattacks have the highest probability…

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Cybersecurity Expert Kaspersky Establishes a New Blockchain-Fuelled Voting Machine

A top-rated cybersecurity company, Kaspersky has launched a new blockchain-powered voting machine under the name of a project called Polys. The mastermind behind Polys is the Kaspersky Innovation Hub. Polys provides a secure platform for online voting that can be used for political parties, businesses and universities. The platform combines two upcoming technologies, i.e. distributed…

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Bangladesh To Use $ 208 Million IT Project Fund For Blockchain Training

As per news reports, the Bangladesh Government plans to train graduates in Japan and India with its IT project fund. The first phase would involve sending the graduates for the training, which will be held in India and Japan. Bangladesh authorities are planning on sending a hundred graduates for this training program to boost their…