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Certified NEO Professional

Certified NEO Professional is an experienced professional who has deep understanding of how to work on NEO blockchain. NEO professionals can be developers who can code, develop, debug and execute projects on NEO and non-developers who can design, strategize, execute and manage NEO projects based on the theoretical and principal understanding of NEO codebase and…

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Certified Hyperledger Developer

A Certified Hyperledger Developer is a skilled developer who is well versed in coding in Hyperledger based blockchain platforms and execute projects in Fabric, Sawtooth etc. We have recently developed and conducted Instructor led course for Hyperledger a comprehensive. This Certification is best for companies planning to train developers to develop projects for various platforms…

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Certified Bitcoin Professional

Bitcoin is complex but has many utilities in multiple industries with robust blockchain development on a bitcoin-based platform. Though being a well-recognized technology, recruiters do not have the ability to assess the right Bitcoin Professional from the one who might not suit well. To hire a Bitcoin professional, it is always easier to choose a…