NFTICALLY Launches COMEARTH_ A Revolutionary Metaverse Platform

NFTICALLY Launches COMEARTH: A Revolutionary Metaverse Platform

COMEARTH is the world’s first Gamified Social E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem built on the Polygon Blockchain. It empowers brands, creators, and customers to engage in exciting 3D immersive experiences, discover global products, and participate in memorable events on a planet divided into eight continents.

By harnessing the fusion of Web.0 and the Metaverse, COMEARTH aims to redefine commerce with its E-Commerce 3.0 ecosystem. It offers personalized Mini-Metaverse experiences accessible through mobile, laptops, and VR devices. Citizens, as landowners, can monetize their traffic while prioritizing user privacy.

Founding Story

Towards the end of 2021, the concept of the Metaverse burst onto the global stage, captivating audiences worldwide. As people gradually became familiar with this virtual reality realm, it became evident that the Metaverse would shape every aspect of our society. With gaming and e-commerce poised to lead the charge, the fusion of these two elements formed the foundation of E-Commerce 3.0.

Drawing upon its core vision of driving commerce through Blockchain technology, NFTICALLY recognized the potential of the Metaverse as the next frontier. The team saw it as an extraordinary opportunity to redefine commerce in the future while addressing the inherent challenges that afflict traditional markets. Thus, COMEARTH was born.

The co-founders of NFTICALLY, Toshendra Sharma and Rohendra Singh, embarked on this remarkable journey in January 2021. Their vision was to revolutionize the NFT landscape by empowering brands and celebrities with a comprehensive set of cutting-edge features. This innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enabled brands and creators to effortlessly create their own NFT Marketplaces in just minutes. NFTICALLY rapidly gained global recognition, becoming the go-to choice for creating vibrant ecosystems that catered to the needs of both established and emerging NFT enthusiasts.

As of April 2022, NFTICALLY’s influence had spread far and wide, empowering over 7500 stores across the globe.

The Team Behind

NFTICALLY, the groundbreaking company behind the launch of COMEARTH, boasts a team of exceptional individuals who are driving the future of the metaverse and revolutionizing the NFT ecosystem. Led by visionary Founder and CEO Toshendra Sharma, the team is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Blockchain technology.

Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO

Toshendra Sharma, an IIT Bombay graduate with 13 years of tech entrepreneurship experience, leads NFTICALLY. He’s renowned for creating RecordsKeeper, NFTICALLY, and Blockchain Council. As Forbes Asia & India 30 Under 30, Toshendra’s expertise drives NFTICALLY’s 30+ enterprise clients and their Whitelabel NFT Marketplace.

Rohendra Singh, Founder and CTO

Rohendra Singh, NFTICALLY’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is a skilled programmer, architect, and DevOps expert. With 12 years of experience, he has developed numerous scalable SaaS applications in Blockchain and Education. As the core technological supervisor, Rohendra leads COMEARTH’s project.

Kaustubh Sharma, AVP Product and Strategy

Kaustubh Sharma, NFTICALLY’s Associate Vice President (AVP) of Product and Strategy, excels in leading teams, managing developers, and strategizing scalable solutions. His role in COMEARTH involves engaging brands, developing products, and fostering sustained growth within the NFT ecosystem.

Aditya Chawla, Marketing Lead

Aditya Chawla, NFTICALLY’s Marketing Lead, is a respected NFT artist and Web 3.0 enthusiast. With a strong background in consulting, analytics, and banking, Aditya’s focus now lies in Blockchain, Web 3.0, and NFTs, driving marketing initiatives for NFTICALLY.

Ashok Balasubramanian, AVP Business Development

Ashok Balasubramanian, the AVP of Business Development at NFTICALLY, combines transformative approaches with strategic execution. With a proven track record in building businesses and driving revenue, Ashok’s expertise enhances NFTICALLY’s growth. He’s also a former national badminton player who represented India in the Youth Olympics.

The Remarkable Roadmap of COMEARTH’s Journey


  • NFTICALLY Web Engine powers 7000+ stores.
  • Powered by Polygon Blockchain network.
  • A team of 50+ Metaverse enthusiasts assembled.
  • Growing community with 5000+ Discord members and 10k+ on Telegram.
  • Smart contracts available publicly on Github and audited.
  • Initial private sales conducted in select partner communities.
  • LAND public sale begins.
  • Soft launch with private beta for select brands and creators.
  • Public beta showcases a complete view of COMEARTH continents.


  • More stages of LAND sales.
  • Unlocking DIY events and performances for brands and creators.
  • Complete customization with the ability to import structures and experiences.
  • Onboarding global brands through partnerships.
  • Additional seasons with rewarding events.
  • COMEARTH DAO for community participation in major decisions.
  • COMEARTH App Store launch.

2024 and onwards

  • Last stages of LAND sales.
  • Focus on bringing creators onto the platform for new experiences.

Product Development

The Core Technology behind COMEARTH

Let’s delve into the technical aspects and explore the cutting-edge technology that drives COMEARTH’s development:

Layer 1: Polygon Blockchain

The foundation of COMEARTH is built upon the Polygon Blockchain, and for good reason. Polygon offers several advantages that make it an ideal choice for the platform. One notable advantage is its high network speed, supporting up to 65,000 transactions per second with the potential for even higher scalability. Transactions on the Polygon network are confirmed in just 2 seconds or less, ensuring speedy and efficient operations.

Polygon also boasts high liquidity, having risen to the top 20 assets by market capitalization. Its availability on major cryptocurrency exchanges and substantial daily trading activity in the billions of dollars provide a thriving ecosystem for COMEARTH and its users.

The strong developer engagement surrounding Polygon is another advantage for COMEARTH. Collaborations with multiple Blockchain projects and the successful network launch attract new developers, fostering innovation and growth within the ecosystem. By combining the best features of Ethereum and sovereign Blockchains, Polygon offers a secure, open, and powerful multi-chain system that aligns perfectly with COMEARTH’s vision.

Layer 2: NFTICALLY Web.0 Engine

Driving COMEARTH’s engine is NFTICALLY, a renowned provider of Blockchain infrastructure for NFT marketplaces. NFTICALLY’s audited contracts and experienced team of developers make them the perfect choice to power COMEARTH’s backend and Blockchain infrastructure.

With over 7000 NFT marketplaces serving enterprises and celebrities globally, NFTICALLY brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Their seamless integration allows COMEARTH to leverage NFTICALLY’s robust security measures and reliable infrastructure.

Layer 3: Experience Interface

COMEARTH offers a wide range of interfaces to cater to different users’ preferences. Whether you have access to virtual reality (VR) glasses or simply use everyday devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, COMEARTH ensures a captivating experience across all platforms.

To ensure inclusivity, COMEARTH’s user-friendly interface accommodates individuals with varying levels of technical understanding. Even those without expensive VR infrastructure can engage with COMEARTH’s immersive metaverse through accessible interfaces. This commitment to inclusivity allows a diverse audience to participate in and contribute to the metaverse experience.

Layer 4: Internal & External Integrations

COMEARTH embraces the concept of an e-commerce ecosystem, emphasizing seamless integrations with both internal and external platforms. The platform facilitates integrations with major Web2.0 commerce platforms, enabling COMEARTH’s citizens to effortlessly sell their products in both the metaverse and online stores.

Furthermore, COMEARTH empowers its users through the 2D-to-3D converter feature. By importing various product photos, users can effortlessly transform them into Metaverse-friendly 3D objects. This functionality expands the possibilities for creators and businesses, enabling them to showcase their physical goods within the metaverse.

Additionally, COMEARTH hosts an application store, inviting individuals and companies worldwide to develop software applications that enhance the COMEARTH experience. This collaborative approach fosters global innovation and provides opportunities for individuals and businesses to generate income within the metaverse.

Layer 5: Identity & Auth

To provide users with a seamless login and authentication experience, COMEARTH supports various wallet options familiar to Web.0 natives. Users can choose their preferred wallet, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, and more, to access COMEARTH securely.

In addition to Web.0 wallets, COMEARTH acknowledges the importance of Web2.0 login modes. Users can log in via popular platforms like Google, Facebook, email, mobile, and others, ensuring a smooth transition and accessibility for all.

Layer 6: Payments

The payment layer within COMEARTH is designed to simplify transactions between clients and merchants. The team at COMEARTH recognizes the importance of providing an easy and familiar payment experience for Web2.0 users transitioning into the metaverse.

For cryptocurrency payments, COMEARTH utilizes ERC-20-based tokens such as Matic, WETH, USDT, and others. These transactions are processed through smart contracts on the Polygon Blockchain, allowing users to seamlessly complete transactions directly from their wallets.

To cater to users who prefer fiat currency, COMEARTH partners with various third-party providers across the globe, including well-established names like Stripe and MoonPay. This collaboration enables COMEARTH users to execute transactions using region-specific payment methods, further enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Layer 7: User Experiences

COMEARTH is built with the user experience in mind, catering to both visitors and citizens of the metaverse. Visitors to COMEARTH are invited into an immersive world where they can explore and interact with luxurious products from around the globe. The platform provides an exciting environment that allows visitors to engage with brands and creators, offering a truly captivating experience from the comfort of their homes.

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The COMEARTH Economy

The COMEARTH Metaverse is revolutionizing the way we experience and engage in the digital world. At the heart of this groundbreaking platform is the $ECOM token, a vital component that facilitates seamless value exchange within the COMEARTH ecosystem. Let’s delve into the various aspects of the COMEARTH economy and understand how $ECOM empowers its stakeholders.

Tokenomics: Fueling the Metaverse

$ECOM, also known as ECOM or $E, is an ERC20 token deployed on Ethereum-based chains, primarily Ethereum and Polygon ERC20 Network. It serves as the standard unit of value within COMEARTH, enabling a wide range of activities such as transactions, in-land parcel promotions, experiences, events, engagements, trade of goods, rewards, income through COMEARTH App Store, incentivizing good behavior, and much more.

Counter Crypto Fluctuation: Stability for E-Commerce

In the realm of modern e-commerce, stability and efficiency are paramount. The volatility of cryptocurrencies can have detrimental effects on businesses and their profits. Recognizing this challenge, $ECOM has pioneered a flexi-pricing mechanism that mitigates the impact of market fluctuations. Brands can stabilize their product prices in USD, as $ECOM automatically adjusts the listed pricing to neutralize crypto’s volatility, ensuring smooth and reliable transactions.

Access to Exclusive Offerings: Holding $ECOM

While COMEARTH is freely accessible to all users, holding $ECOM unlocks a world of exclusive offerings and features within the platform. Users with $ECOM tokens gain access to premium assets, add-ons, customizations, and unique opportunities, enhancing their overall COMEARTH experience.

Engage-To-Earn Rewards: Incentivizing Positive Behavior

$ECOM plays a pivotal role in rewarding users for positive behavior, interactions, and contributions to the COMEARTH Metaverse. Through quests, users can engage in tasks that fetch rewards upon completion. COMEARTH, brands, and influencers utilize $ECOM to incentivize users for value-adding interactions, referrals, guidance, support, and more. This creates a virtuous cycle where engagement is rewarded, benefiting all stakeholders.

Virtual Land: Powering Commercial Establishments

With $ECOM, users can purchase virtual land on the COMEARTH platform, providing them with a unique opportunity to establish their commercial ventures within the Metaverse. This opens up endless possibilities for entrepreneurship, creativity, and immersive brand experiences.

Governance: Empowering the Community

$ECOM is not just a transactional token; it also serves as a governance token, allowing users to actively participate in shaping the future direction of the COMEARTH platform. True to the principles of Web, token holders can influence certain aspects of the Metaverse, ensuring a decentralized and inclusive decision-making process.

Staking: Passive Revenue and Exclusive Benefits

Users can stake their $ECOM tokens in exchange for rewards, earning passive revenue from COMEARTH platform fees. Staking $ECOM grants users a unique distinction within the Metaverse, providing access to exclusive offers and premium benefits, further incentivizing long-term engagement.

Gasless In-Game Transactions: Streamlined User Experience

Utilizing the Polygon Network, $ECOM introduces a groundbreaking gasless transaction system that eliminates crypto-related friction for in-game transactions. Users no longer need to navigate exchanges or wallets to submit transactions. Instead, they can simply play in COMEARTH and earn $ECOM, seamlessly utilizing it for in-game purchases, upgrades, transfers, and more. This innovative system paves the way for effortless and user-friendly interactions within the Metaverse.

Revenue Streams and Distribution

COMEARTH generates revenue through various channels, ensuring the platform’s sustainability and growth. The key revenue streams include:

  • Metaverse Platform Fees: COMEARTH charges a 5% transaction fee for monetary sales within the platform. This serves as the primary source of income, empowering the continuous development and enhancement of the Metaverse.
  • Assets and App Store Sales: COMEARTH features a marketplace where developers and designers can sell premium apps, games, quests, and 3D models to brands and influencers. All transactions on the marketplace involve $ECOM tokens, contributing to COMEARTH’s revenue pool.
  • Lead Generation Fees: COMEARTH facilitates realistic simulations for high-ticket sales, such as real estate and automobiles, reducing the traditional sales pipeline. In return, COMEARTH receives fixed fees for generating leads in various industries, depending on the asset’s price and category.
  • Royalties on Secondary Land Sales: COMEARTH receives a 5% royalty on every secondary market sale of its land NFTs, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream governed by smart contracts.

The generated income is then distributed strategically to support the growth and success of COMEARTH.

Engage-To-Earn: Fostering Engagement and Incentivizing Users

A significant portion (40%) of COMEARTH’s revenue is dedicated to Engage-To-Earn initiatives. This commitment emphasizes the platform’s focus on attracting and rewarding users, aiming to onboard the next billion users to COMEARTH. Engage-To-Earn initiatives reward users for meaningful actions within the Metaverse, including transactions, creating goods/services/assets/apps, and fostering interactions with other stakeholders. By gamifying the exploration of COMEARTH and providing incentives, the platform aims to drive engagement, promote organic growth, and familiarize a wider audience with the possibilities of the Metaverse.

Development & Maintenance: Building a Sustainable Platform

Forty percent of COMEARTH’s revenue is allocated to the development and maintenance of the platform. This encompasses platform maintenance, technical development to enhance the user experience, and robust marketing, sales, and partnership efforts to position COMEARTH as the premier Metaverse for E-Commerce. The focus is on continuously improving the platform, ensuring its longevity, and delivering the best technical, virtual, and logistical experiences to all stakeholders.

Citizen Income Streams: Monetizing Ownership of COMEARTH Land

COMEARTH values its community of Citizens and provides diverse opportunities for them to monetize their ownership of COMEARTH land. Citizens can generate income through various means:

  • Using Land Area: Citizens can sell land parcels, with or without existing structures, allowing them to benefit from their creativity and hard work in creating new environments within COMEARTH.
  • Creating Events & Experiences: Citizens have the freedom to host events and experiences on their land, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale concerts. Access to these events can be restricted and verified through NFTs, enabling brands and creators to connect with their audience in innovative ways.
  • Selling Goods & Services: Citizens can engage in E-Commerce by selling products and services on their land, leveraging the increasing user base and fostering economic activity within COMEARTH.
  • Diamond-Hand Rewards: COMEARTH rewards Citizens for holding land NFTs for longer durations, incentivizing long-term participation and providing additional income proportional to the length of ownership.
  • Referral Incentives: COMEARTH promotes referrals as a means of organic growth. Existing users can earn a 5% referral bonus based on the value of land purchased by referred users, further incentivizing the expansion of the COMEARTH community.

By empowering Citizens with these income streams, COMEARTH fosters a vibrant ecosystem and recognizes the crucial role played by its stakeholders in driving its success.

Market Penetration Strategy

The Growing E-Commerce Market

The E-Commerce industry is experiencing exponential growth, projected to expand at a remarkable CAGR of 22.9% from 2020 to 2027, ultimately surpassing $16.2 trillion in size. COMEARTH recognizes this tremendous potential and aspires to establish itself as the go-to destination for E-Commerce in the future. By forging strategic partnerships with Polygon and global logistics providers, COMEARTH aims to offer secure transactions and swift deliveries, ensuring a seamless E-Commerce experience for its users.

Key Drivers of E-Commerce

Several factors drive the growth of the E-Commerce industry, and COMEARTH is well-positioned to leverage these drivers to deliver significant enhancements. These key drivers include:

  • Increasing Social Commerce: Social media platforms have transformed the way people interact, creating new opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers. COMEARTH intends to harness the power of social commerce, enabling users to engage in E-Commerce transactions seamlessly within the Metaverse environment. By integrating social elements into its platform, COMEARTH seeks to foster a vibrant and interactive community of buyers and sellers.
  • Omni-Channel Business Models: The rise of omni-channel retailing has revolutionized the E-Commerce landscape, blurring the lines between online and offline shopping experiences. COMEARTH recognizes the importance of offering a seamless multi-channel experience to its users. Through its Metaverse platform, COMEARTH aims to provide a unified shopping experience that seamlessly integrates various touchpoints, including virtual storefronts and physical retail spaces.
  • Advancements in Payment Modes: The evolution of payment technologies has played a pivotal role in driving E-Commerce growth. COMEARTH aims to capitalize on these advancements by offering a wide array of secure and efficient payment options within its Metaverse platform. By embracing Blockchain technology, COMEARTH ensures transparency, security, and decentralization in financial transactions, instilling trust and confidence among its users.

Harnessing the Power of the Metaverse Economy

The Metaverse presents a vast and untapped economic landscape, with the potential to reach a staggering $13 trillion within the next decade. COMEARTH recognizes the immense value generation opportunities that lie within this emerging ecosystem. Unlike the current market cap of Web 3.0 Metaverse crypto networks, which stands at approximately $27.5 billion, giants like Facebook with a market cap of around $900 billion and the gaming industry valued at approximately $2 trillion, COMEARTH aims to bridge this gap and unlock the full potential of the Metaverse economy.

Creating a Paradigm Shift in E-Commerce

COMEARTH envisions a new era of E-Commerce, one that transcends traditional boundaries and capitalizes on the technological and ideological flexibility offered by the Metaverse and Blockchain paradigms. By embracing Web 2.0 E-Commerce practices and seamlessly integrating them with the transparency, security, and decentralization of Web 3.0, COMEARTH aims to establish itself as a formidable player in the global E-Commerce market. This unique approach ensures the longevity and sustainability of COMEARTH’s presence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Funding and Growth

A Star-Studded Backing: Industry Titans Believe in COMEARTH

COMEARTH has managed to attract an impressive lineup of investors, all of whom are influential figures in their respective domains. These visionary backers include founders and CXOs of prominent unicorns and decacorns, ensuring a diverse range of expertise and experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable investors who have placed their faith in COMEARTH:

1.1 Jaynti D Kanani – Co-Founder & CEO, Polygon (Matic)

1.2 Sandeep Nailwal – Co-Founder & COO, Polygon (Matic)

1.3 Surojit Chatterjee – Chief Product Officer (CPO), Coinbase

1.4 CEOs of E-Commerce Companies with Valuations of 10B+ and 2B+

1.5 Gaurav Munjal – Founder & CEO, Unacademy

1.6 Roman Saini – Founder, Unacademy

1.7 Nitish Mittersain – Founder & MD, Nazara Games

1.8 Subhash Ghai – Bollywood Producer

1.9 Priyavrat H Mafatlal – Vice-Chairman, Arvind Mafatlal Group

1.10 CapitalX, Cindy Bi – General Partner

1.11 Sandeep Singhal – MD, Nexus Venture Partner

1.12 Ramakant Sharma – Founder & CEO, Livspace

1.13 Abhi Kumar – Asia Pacific Head, M12 Ventures

1.14 Moe Shalizi – Founder, The Shalizi Group

1.15 Tom Windish – EVP, Wasserman Music

1.16 Rahilla Zafar – Ex-MD Consensys, Advisor Wave Financial & Fourth Revolution Capital

1.17 Aakash Kumar – SVP Growth, Hotstar

1.18 Miten Sampat – President, CRED

1.19 Kunal Kapoor – Actor, Bollywood

1.20 Manish Agarwal – CEO, Nazara Games

1.21 Uday Sodhi – Former SonyLiv Head

1.22 Pradeep Aswal – CEO, Blockchain Council

1.23 Mahesh Sharma – Lead, Facebook Inc

Alongside its impressive roster of individual investors, COMEARTH has also established strategic partnerships with key players in the industry. These partnerships further solidify COMEARTH’s position and open doors for collaborative growth. Some of the notable partners and institutional investors in COMEARTH include:

  • Polygon Studios: As an established player in the Blockchain space, Polygon Studios brings technical expertise and invaluable insights to COMEARTH’s development.
  • Spartan Group LLC: With its strong presence in the digital asset and Blockchain investment space, Spartan Group LLC is an ideal partner for COMEARTH, providing valuable connections and strategic guidance.
  • Mukta Arts: The involvement of Mukta Arts, a renowned Indian film production company founded by Subhash Ghai, showcases the potential synergy between the entertainment industry and the metaverse.
  • Blockchain Council: The Blockchain Council, a leading authority in Blockchain education and certification, lends its credibility and expertise to COMEARTH, enhancing its reputation as a cutting-edge metaverse platform.

With its robust funding and influential backers, COMEARTH is poised for exponential growth. The metaverse platform aims to revolutionize the way people interact, create, and transact in the digital world. 

How COMEARTH Differentiates Itself from its Competitors

Empowering a Dynamic Ecosystem

Unlike many other Metaverse platforms, COMEARTH places a strong emphasis on creating a dynamic and exponentially growing ecosystem. The platform’s DIY Launch tools and comprehensive features enable billions of people, as well as brands and creators, to add value and harness the extraordinary power of the Metaverse. This inclusivity sets COMEARTH apart by empowering a diverse community to actively participate and contribute to the growth of the platform.

Enabling Custom Experiences

COMEARTH stands out by allowing its Citizens to create custom experiences within the Metaverse. By providing complete creative control, users can design miniature Metaverses inside the COMEARTH planet, resulting in unique and engaging experiences for their visitors. This feature promotes creativity, personalization, and user engagement, distinguishing COMEARTH as a platform that prioritizes individuality and offers a level of immersion unparalleled by its competitors.

E-Commerce 3.0: Redefining the Future of Shopping

COMEARTH recognizes the transformative potential of E-Commerce 3.0 and aims to be at the forefront of this revolution. While traditional e-commerce platforms have focused on convenience and price, COMEARTH sets itself apart by offering a new immersive experience. By leveraging the limitless potential of the Metaverse, brands on COMEARTH can deliver a promise of engaging experiences to customers while driving profitability. This innovative approach attracts customers seeking novel ways to explore the future of e-commerce and establishes COMEARTH as a trailblazer in the industry.

Integration of Real-Life Experiences

One key aspect where COMEARTH differentiates itself is in its integration of real-life experiences within the Metaverse. Sectors such as EdTech, Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Automobiles, and more can leverage COMEARTH to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. For instance, in the fashion industry, COMEARTH allows customers to try garments on avatars that resemble them, enabling a more accurate evaluation of fit and style. This integration of real-life experiences enhances user satisfaction, making COMEARTH a compelling choice for both consumers and businesses.

Urban Planning for Aesthetic and Efficient Continents

COMEARTH places a strong emphasis on urban planning to enhance the overall efficiency and aesthetics of its continents. The platform utilizes a systematic approach to the placement of parcels, resulting in resolved designs that promote organic growth. The complex grid system employed by COMEARTH allows for creative combinations of varying sizes and shapes, creating a unique and visually captivating planet. Additionally, the inclusion of topographical features such as lakes, beaches, mountains, forests, and waterfalls adds beauty and value to the COMEARTH continents, setting them apart from other virtual worlds.

Impact on Industries

  • E-Commerce: COMEARTH redefines the concept of online shopping by providing a gamified and immersive experience. Brands can establish their presence within the Metaverse, creating virtual storefronts and engaging customers in innovative ways. Users can explore virtual marketplaces, interact with products in a simulated environment, and make purchases using the $ECOM token. This unique approach enhances customer engagement, eliminates geographical barriers, and fosters a more interactive and personalized shopping experience.
  • Real Estate: The COMEARTH platform offers virtual land parcels that can be purchased using $ECOM tokens. This presents a new paradigm for the real estate industry, enabling virtual property ownership and commerce. Users can build virtual properties, host events, and customize their virtual spaces. Real estate developers and agents can leverage COMEARTH to showcase properties, provide virtual tours, and engage potential buyers in a more immersive manner. COMEARTH’s impact on the real estate industry lies in redefining how properties are marketed, experienced, and transacted.
  • Entertainment and Events: COMEARTH provides a dynamic and interactive platform for hosting virtual events, concerts, conferences, and social gatherings. With the ability to create customized environments and engage with avatars, the entertainment industry can offer unique and engaging experiences to a global audience. Artists, performers, and content creators can monetize their talent by organizing virtual performances, selling virtual merchandise, and connecting with fans in unprecedented ways. COMEARTH’s impact on the entertainment industry extends beyond traditional boundaries, enabling new revenue streams and enhancing fan engagement.
  • Advertising and Marketing: COMEARTH opens up innovative avenues for advertising and marketing campaigns. Brands can leverage the platform to create immersive brand experiences, product placements, and interactive ad campaigns within the Metaverse. Through partnerships with influencers and content creators, brands can tap into the vast user base of COMEARTH and reach a global audience. The gamified nature of the platform also encourages users to actively engage with branded content, fostering a deeper connection between brands and consumers.
  • Gaming and Esports: With its gamified elements and seamless in-game transactions, COMEARTH blurs the lines between gaming and the Metaverse. Game developers can integrate their titles into the COMEARTH platform, allowing players to earn $ECOM tokens and unlock exclusive in-game content. This presents new monetization opportunities for game developers and creates an ecosystem where players can engage with their favorite games while immersing themselves in the Metaverse. COMEARTH’s impact on the gaming industry lies in fostering a more interconnected and rewarding gaming experience.
  • Education and Training: COMEARTH provides a unique environment for immersive education and training experiences. Educational institutions, corporations, and trainers can utilize the platform to deliver virtual classrooms, simulations, and hands-on training modules. Learners can engage with interactive content, collaborate with others, and earn rewards for their achievements. COMEARTH’s impact on the education and training sector lies in enhancing accessibility, scalability, and engagement in remote learning environments.
  • Art and Creativity: COMEARTH empowers artists and creators to showcase their work in the digital realm. Through virtual galleries, exhibitions, and interactive art installations, artists can reach a global audience and monetize their creations using $ECOM tokens. COMEARTH’s impact on the art industry lies in democratizing access to art, fostering new forms of expression, and creating immersive experiences for art enthusiasts.


COMEARTH’s emergence marks a significant turning point in the realm of e-commerce and the metaverse. By leveraging the power of the Polygon Blockchain, COMEARTH offers a gamified, immersive, and revolutionary platform where brands, creators, and customers can connect and transact in unprecedented ways. With its unique features and transformative vision, COMEARTH redefines the concept of commerce, promising an engaging and memorable experience for users across the globe. Join the COMEARTH revolution and unlock a world of endless possibilities.


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