Polygon unveils new division for gaming and NFT

The new Blockchain unit from Polygon is aiming to focus on the growth of the decentralized gaming and NFT market and at the same time, they are also willing to bridge the distance between Web 2 and Web 3 gaming models. 

Polygon is a platform which is rather easy to operate on and is primarily designed for Ethereum scaling and developing its infrastructure. Recently they revealed that Polygon is on the verge of launching a new division that is focused on Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs and they are naming it Polygon Studios.

In a recent official press release, Polygon officials mentioned that they are now willing to enter the global blockchain gaming and NFT market while also working towards bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 gaming applications. The Polygon officials stated that the gaming community that exists on the Polygon platform has been currently observing an exponential growth in terms of their user base and this growth has been in sustenance over the past few months. This, they pointed out, is the main reason which prompted them to create the Polygon Studios.

At present, there are more than a hundred thousand blockchain gamers on Polygon, with multiple top level Web 3 games. According to Polygon executives, the point in making this new division is to achieve success in three major objectives. 

The first objective was to develop and advance the position of the network so that it can establish itself as the de facto platform for playing games in the decentralized gaming industry. 

The second objective is to create a brand that will be attractive and reputable for and will eventually attract artists, top builders and several major investors to this particular NFT platform which they named Polygon Studios.

 The third and final objective is to build the platform in such a way that it would render it as the go to platform for every IP owner and also for those big Web 2 business groups and companies, who are looking for ways to venture into the Web 3 domain. 

Polygon further made an announcement in which they stated that during the initial launch of the project, they will be focussing on two major objectives. Their first objective is to focus on the Polygon Gaming Studio, which will help developers in creating top tier gaming experiences for the blockchain based gamers. They intend to achieve this objective by deploying supreme infrastructure, excellent community support and through investments of course. 

The second initiative emphasizes more on the Polygon NFT Studio, a platform that can be used by top brands, IP owners, celebrities, artists and content creators to create their own NFTs and launch them on the platform or even on custom marketplaces. 

After having witnessed the incredible surge in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space, both in terms of top dollar sales and trading values, Polygon intends to harness this new division to double down on the NFT market and the entire related ecosystem. They also believe that this new platform would enable them to work towards progressing and developing state of the art systems for their blockchain gaming ecosystem and their non fungible token space, both of which they believe are in their nascent stages of growing up. This new platform would really make it easy for them to achieve high scalability in terms of product development as well as a considerable customer base, owing to the incredible user experience they are aiming to deliver.

According to the Polygon executives, once the Polygon Studios platform is ready and set for launch, it will have immense impact on the world owing to its state of the art capabilities for providing smooth and efficient user experience for everyone. In terms of blockchain gaming which is gaining major popularity among the crypto community around the world, Polygon Studios is looking to offer game developers around the world an ultimate platform for developing blockchain based games on the Polygon Studios platform as a part of the Polygon blockchain. 

We have seen in the past few months how big brands like Gucci, Porsche, Coca Cola and many more have joined the NFT revolution by launching their digital collectibles on sale or even on auction. The NFT marketplace is the next big thing where these famous brands and companies can show off their creation and also find new and more attractive methods of interacting with their fans and many of them are even collectors. The Polygon Studios platform will also enable big brands and franchises to create and launch their digital assets and collectibles on their platform. They even added that the gamers across the world who participate in blockchain games will not only be able to play games on the Polygon Studios network, but they will also be able to earn while they play and the developers are designing the platform keeping that in mind.

Meanwhile, Polygon is also planning to launch a blockchain that will be a general purpose blockchain, for sidechains, other standalone chains and providing other Layer 2 solutions. They are planning to call it Avail.

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