Banksy’s ‘Spike’ Artwork to be auctioned at NFT Platform Valuart

Etan Genini, Vittorio Grigòlo, and Michele Fiscalini are crypto ethusiasts who have co created an amazing platform solely devoted to artists, where they can sell their artwork and in due process, discover their true potential and worth. The platform is called Valuart where Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are licensed, will be exchanged and traded. They are excited as they are about to unveil their first collection for auction.

The artwork is called “Spike”, and is inspired from the original masterpiece created by Banksy, the notorious street artist who earned reputation around the world for its outstanding works of art which can often be deemed ‘different’, and hence the notoriety. “Spike” will be sold at an auction as a 1:1 NFT and half of the earnings generated from the sale will be donated to charity.

The original artwork is owned by co-creator of Valuart, Vittorio Grigòlo, which rests in Palestine, where it was originally created. Vittorio is also a world renowned tenor. He has decided to sell the original digital version of Banksy’s art that has recently been turned into CGI.

The CGI version depicts Spike as it drifts across space before making its way back to Earth, to home. Vittorio stated: “I am extremely thrilled to make use of my voice in order to create an atmospheric ambiance that denotes a rebirth of this epic masterpiece.“

Valuart wants to come up with something unique instead of selling classic pieces of art. They want to take it to the next level, reimagine them and concoct the ideas and visions that make up the contemporary world perspective. They have gathered around some of the best artists and creators to help achieve this vision of recreating history. 

Valuart aims to produce perfect digital clones of the original masterpieces and give them a context, often in the form of an unique story after researching through leading content creation in the market. In order for this thing to work, a particular artwork needs to be authenticated on a blockchain. This authentication has to be carried out in collaboration with the person who owns the aforementioned tangible asset.

To sum it up, this is a revolutionary step to revive classic art in this century while tokenizing them. 


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