Surrey Researchers Develop Software to Securely Monitor AI’s Access to Sensitive Data

Surrey Researchers

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent, researchers at Surrey University have developed software that will ensure the safety of sensitive data from the curious eyes of AI.

This breakthrough software will enable organizations to monitor the AI’s access to critical information and limit its access to unauthorized or unnecessary data. The software created by Surrey researchers will prevent the AI from exceeding its intended capabilities, thus ensuring that the sensitive information is safe from harm.

The lead researcher, Dr. Emily Brown, said, “We believe that AI should be allowed to progress, but it is important to ensure that it does not become a threat to data privacy and security.” The team’s software solution aims to allow organizations to use AI with confidence while reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access.

The software works by testing the limits of the AI’s knowledge. The AI is presented with test cases that challenge its ability to access sensitive data. If the AI is unable to access the data, the software records the results, providing an audit trail that can be reviewed by administrators.

Dr. Brown emphasized that the software would not prevent AI from accessing necessary data. “Our software is designed to enable AI to access data that it is authorized to access while preventing it from accessing data that is not intended for it,” she said.

The development of this software comes at a time when the world is grappling with increasing cyber threats and the growing use of AI in various industries. The need for secure and reliable software to monitor AI’s access to sensitive data has never been more critical.

Organizations that use AI will benefit greatly from this software. It provides them with the necessary tools to monitor and regulate the AI’s access to data and ensures that they comply with data privacy regulations.

The software’s release has garnered positive reactions from the tech industry, with many experts applauding the team’s efforts in developing a solution to a growing concern. Dr. Sara Johnson, an AI expert at the University of California, said, “This software solution is a significant milestone in AI development. It addresses a pressing need in the tech industry and ensures that AI’s potential is harnessed safely.”

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