Meta Acquires 3D Smart Glass Manufacturer Luxexcel

Meta Acquires 3D Smart Glass Manufacturer Luxexcel Doubling Down on Metaverse Plans

Meta recently acquired the Netherlands-based 3D smart glass maker Luxexcel to bolster its vision for the metaverse in 2023. With Luxexcel’s technology, Meta can now integrate the essential elements for an augmented reality experience into a prescription lens, such as holographic film and projectors. Although the acquisition amount was not disclosed, Meta expressed excitement to have the Luxexcel team deepen its existing partnership. With this new addition, Meta is on its way to making its dream of the metaverse a reality in the near future.

In 2021, Luxexcel took a major step toward the future of augmented reality (AR) glasses with its 3D-printed prescription lenses. This partnership with WaveOptics, which provides the displays for Snap’s Spectacles, will enable the development of even more advanced glasses. Meanwhile, Meta decided to close down its video-calling smart display ‘Portal’ and its two unreleased smartwatch projects and let go of 11,000 employees. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Meta, revealed during the earnings call that the new high-end VR headset would have the ability to blend virtual objects into the physical environment around users. However, despite the company’s big ambitions, it has yet to be able to gain and keep its users on its social VR platform, Horizon Worlds, which was its biggest bet to create the $10 billion metaverse.

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Meta’s Metaverse Expansion Plans

Meta’s Metaverse expansion plan is a roadmap to build an interconnected network of virtual worlds. The plan involves the development of the Metaverse SDK and tools, the expansion of the Metaverse network, the development of applications, the integration of real-world assets, the development of virtual economies, the introduction of virtual goods, and the launch of games and experiences. Meta also plans to develop Metaverse-based content, such as 3D models, textures, music, audio clips, animations, and VR AR tools, and to build a marketplace for virtual goods and services. Additionally, Meta plans to establish partnerships with other virtual world companies, such as Second Life and High Fidelity, to create an open ecosystem of virtual worlds.

This innovation can revolutionize the Metaverse by providing a more immersive and intuitive way for users to access and interact with virtual content. By integrating cutting-edge innovations such as hand gestures, voice commands, and augmented reality, users can now experience a level of immersion and interactivity that was previously unattainable.

By enabling users to naturally interact with virtual objects and environments as if they were physically present, smart glasses can enhance the Metaverse’s social aspects and foster innovation in the virtual world. The acquisition is a crucial step forward in Meta’s effort to build the ideal Metaverse.

News Source: Business-Standard

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