Maruti Suzuki gets Next-generation Metaverse Virtual Experience from DaveAI

Maruti Suzuki gets Next-generation Metaverse Virtual Experience from DaveAI

DaveAI digitally displayed the world’s involvement in the 23rd Auto Expo in partnership with Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) using the specialized Metaverse EXPOVerse. The entire MSIL expo space was boarded into the virtual environment using this versatile framework. The immersive area included 16 cars for display in various zones and a multi-user tour of the Metaverse or a virtual test drive. Additionally, 1500+ Maruti Suzuki dealership locations throughout India were expected to offer this experience on VR devices.

The virtual sales avatar used as a digital assistant to tailor the user experience would be the primary difference between DaveAI-powered Metaverse experiences. This virtual avatar is used in the EXPOVerse to streamline user assistance and navigation and is driven by an AI sales brain.

DaveAI has debuted its first hyper-realistic digital twin of a celebrity avatar in a first-of-its-kind project. DaveAI is redefining what would be possible in producing hyper-realistic avatars to create an engaging customer experience driven by the most cutting-edge AI algorithms in the world. Varun Dhawan’s celebrity avatar was enhanced using cutting-edge technologies like speech & NLP, photogrammetry, 3D animation, motion capture, and others to facilitate user engagement in the digital realm.

Maruti Suzuki gets Next-generation Metaverse Virtual Experience from DaveAI

It is risky to create a hyper-realistic avatar of a well-known someone since minor flaws in appearance and expression are highly obvious to everyone. To make it feasible in such a short period, we have made significant technological advancements in areas like motion capture or photogrammetry, according to Dr. Ananth, CTO of DaveAI.

DaveAI unveiled Hindware’s 3D visualizer or Maruti Suzuki’s Arena showroom’s entire Metaverse, ArenaVerse. Hindware is India’s top home innovation firm. Introducing each new project is crucial in DaveAI’s mission to give clients an interactive experience using its unique AI-powered technology.

‘We are happy to get these projects to a strong start and proud of the financial results we generate for our clients. With our most recent deployments, we have demonstrated the ability to change how organizations run fundamentally’. We are dedicated to further expanding the possibilities, stated Sriram, CEO of DaveAI.

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