Luxury Fashion meets Blockchain on Syky, a Web3 Platform Powered by Seven Seven Six


Alice Delahunt started the procedure by founding Syky, called “psy-key,” since she believed Web3 would be the future of style.

She started the business in November after working in marketing at high-end fashion companies in roles like a chief digital content officer for Ralph Lauren and director of digital and social marketing for Burberry.

When Ralph Lauren employed Delahunt in 2017, he first became familiar with the Blockchain. While working to develop several digital wardrobe initiatives for companies like Snap, Bitmoji, and Roblox, she did not have the opportunity to see that Web3 would be “more than just a niche society” for high-end fashion until years later.

She told TechCrunch, “I believed there would be opportunities for virtual or online fashion to take up.” “I think the high-end fashion houses of the future have already created,”

After quitting her job at Ralph Lauren, Delahunt started working on Syky, which she believes will serve as a network, market, or incubation for future fashion consumers or creatives.

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This is what Delahunt has been most worried about. The naming of her company, Psyche, was inspired by the mythical Greek goddess of the soul, which she said represented “how designers use fashion to convey the different factors of them and us.”

Delahunt asserts that “through clothing, designers encourage us to imagine. The term reflects that all these images come from the depths of our minds.

The business is releasing The Keystone, the first-ever NFT, of which 987 will be made available on January 20 to start up the communal component of its system. Delahunt approved the distribution of 50 Keystones to new artists.

Users who purchase The Keystone have exclusive access to Syky’s membership area, where they can collaborate, network, or attend real-world and online fashion events. Additionally, Keystone owners would be among the first to know when the firm releases new designer collection drops, alpha and beta promised dates, and partnership projects. Additionally, they would receive regular news, including reports about innovations or trends.

This deal marks seven Seven Six’s introduction to Web3 fashion. Alexis Ohanian, however, explained to TechCrunch via email that Syky piqued his interest because of his enthusiasm for the intersection of culture and technology.

Ohanian said that although it is online culture, “developing & expanding Reddit gave me a front-row seat to the power of culture development via tech, so fashion becomes one more vital aspect.

Delahunt intends to use the additional funding to grow the Syky team, support local designers, and concentrate on technological and product innovation.

She wants the company’s future marketplace to generate income. It will provide a platform for upcoming and unproven designers to sell and interact with buyers about their collections. It will also be where buyers or designers can designate areas to showcase their passion for fashion.

Delahunt withheld information on numerous forthcoming firm initiatives, a presentation for designers in February, and the launch of a second network element in the second quarter of this year.

Delahunt continued, “We’re going to create the great space setting first in the digital realm and subsequently in the physical sphere.

Source: TechCrunch

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