KILT Unveils Revolutionary Tool for Digital Credentials For Users

KILT Unveils Revolutionary Tool for Digital Credentials For Users

Thriving as a popular identity protocol empowered with blockchain technology, KILT has included a new product called ‘Web3name’ (w3n) in its diverse ecosystem. With this new application, KILT is looking forward to helping customers enjoy access to a new interface of digital credentials and identities. The new highly-anticipated solution will facilitate exposure to improved transparency standards for securing user identities without compromising the confidentiality of personal information stored in the cluster.

According to the report, Web3name is quite different in its operational capacities from the traditional decentralized identity solutions. It is not just a typical identifier that involves a regular set of numbers and letters; rather it allows users to frame an identity name involving simple letters of their choice such as ‘doso.’ This offers a personal touch to the process. Through an attestation tool designed on the KILT protocol called SocialKYC, the users can design credentials linked to their native email addresses or GitHub, Twitter, Discord, etc. In its earlier statement, the team affirmed that the SocialKYC service will not fetch any personal information of users stored in any centralized data unit.

Contrary to the present sign-in systems on the Internet, SocialKYC forgets the credentials and the user soon after the credential is issued to him/her. The users continue to be the sole owner of their credentials, personal data, and other related information. Designed on the powerful Polkadot blockchain channel, KILT issues self-sovereign, privacy-driven, and verifiable credentials for people.

The firm has promoted W3n as an advanced version of how digital credentials are managed, processed, and created on the blockchain channel. The solution does not try to replace a wallet rather it strives to enhance its capacity. One W3n can be easily integrated into multiple identities related to work, gaming, etc. Each identity will come with a unique W3n and can be linked to several media portals. The collators and validators can link their W3n to any of the addresses they prefer. This allows them to establish an identity that can be addressed via their names instead of a chain of numbers and letters that form the present blockchain address structure.  

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