Inaugural Gam3 Awards Launched to Honor the Best Web3 Games of 2022

Inaugural Gam3 Awards Launched to Honor the Best Web3 Games of 2022

A new award has entered the web3 development arena to encourage web3 game developers to build better and more scalable web3 products. The leading web3 game developer, Polkastarter Gaming, is hosting the first ever web3 games award, Gam3, on Dec 15. The ceremony will recognize the best web3 games developed and deployed this year. Apart from that, it is also focused on highlighting the development team behind the game and successfully showcasing blockchain technology as an essential addition to the world’s technical architecture.

Gam3 announced that it hopes to acknowledge the future developments of web3 technologies and professionals with specialization across the web3 gaming industry. The event will also be available online on Polkastarter Gaming’s YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels. The jury to award the best web3 game will likely be 30 experts and leaders working in web3 technologies. The event’s prize money is $300000, and companies like ImmutableX, Machinations, Naavik, Blockchain Game Alliance and Ultra are among the sponsors of Gam3.

The event will bring together different ecosystems, industry leaders, and media outlets to reward top content creators and web3 game developers. A representative from Polkastarter Gaming also confirmed that the leading VC firm Bitkraft would be present in the event so that it can be a fundraising opportunity for the leading game developers. 

Participants will be judged on multiple bases, including graphics, core loop, replayability factor, accessibility, and in-game experience. Winners from different categories include action, adventure, mobile, casual, RPG, shooter games, etc. 

Web3 and blockchain continued to grow even in the bear market. According to the analytical service DappRadar, projects from Blockchain and metaverse domain were able to raise $1.3 billion in the third quarter of 2022.

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