Hedera Has Released A Fifa World Cup 2022 Licensed Metaverse Game

Hedera Has Released A Fifa World Cup 2022 Licensed Metaverse Game

As football fever grows with each thrilling match, an officially licensed FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 virtual world game has recently started up on the Hedera web server, which is operated by its specialised hashgraph new tech, dubbed blockchain 2.0. Reality+ had also teamed up with OTZ Sports to introduce the “Own the Zone” Web3 game, in which fans can win confined digital collectables (NFTs) and real-world awards. Each player will receive two of the eight on-pitch zones on the initial match card. Following the conclusion of the original game, actual player events within player regions will give points, all of which will be monitored using official FIFA live broadcast data. The number of regions you have in the FIFA Match Day Sweepstake increases your possibility of winning reserved seats to The Best FIFA Football Prizes and £5 thousand per match day.

Furthermore, the rarity level of Own the Region digital collectibles, which are given to all attendees as rewards for having participated and are recognised by various visual combinations to generate a truly unique piece of online collectibles in the football metaverse, is affected by Match Card results.

The Metaverse Push of Hedera

The FIFA World Cup 2022 licensed metaverse game is powered by Hedera, the carbon-negative system, and the Hedera Token Service (HTS). The creation of pockets and the minting of coins happens naturally during games and registration processes, allowing sports fans to transition into the Web3 ecosystem seamlessly.

Own The Region is not just planning to launch with both the world’s largest and most adored international sports occasion, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and also displaying best-in-class technology and games to the world’s biggest fan communities, according to Alex Russman, VP at The HBAR Foundation, an organisation specifically designed to drive consumer acceptance on the Hedera network.

It contains the following:

AI League: World Cup Qatar FIFA 2022 Version by Altered State Machine

AI League is a four-on-four football game in which characters controlled by AI compete against each other, with player input at playful and strategic moments. Player’s mentor and also own their AI team members, and they can enhance their abilities with power-ups and mentoring. Players can also gather and exchange characters to form teams with their preferred talent combos. From Paris to Rio, Yaoundé to Seoul, the sports facilities are set in stylised streetball locations worldwide.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the Upland Metaverse – Upland

Upland is the world’s biggest blockchain-based metaverse with real-world mapping, where gamers can purchase and sell virtual properties. People can gather official FIFA World Cup digital content, such as iconic tourney video highlights. They can see the replica of Lusail Stadium, FIFA World Cup, and Town shop for goods with their colors to customise their Upland home trade and their resources with mates, and eventually win one of several prizes.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition Matchday – Matchday Contest

Matchday taps into the emotional rollercoaster of the football fan community with a highly interactive regular social forecasting campaign based on football cards. The fun is obtained not only from “getting it right,” but also from being the best among your mates.

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