BMW to use Two-Phase Tech Integration for its Blockchain Loyalty Program, Partners with BNB Chain and Coinweb

Blockchain Loyalty Program

In a move towards increased transparency and permanence, the German luxury car maker BMW has partnered with Coinweb, a layer-2 cross-chain computation platform, to leverage Blockchain technology for its financial infrastructure. Leveraging Binance’s BNB Chain due to its low cost and fast transaction speed, BMW’s Thailand operations will be the first to execute the initial phase of the transition. This move signals a commitment to modernizing financial infrastructure and increasing trust through Blockchain technology.

Purchasers of BMWs in Thailand will be able to access a platform designed by Coinweb, where they can securely store their KYC details and apply for financing per the nation’s laws. This platform aims to provide buyers with a simplified and irreversible process for purchasing their desired vehicle.

CEO Bjorn Antonsson of BMW Leasing’s Thailand branch stated, “We anticipate this transition from manual paperwork to immutable records on the blockchain will greatly help unassailable productivity and transparency.”

As part of the initiative, BMW has undertaken a two-pronged approach to streamline customer-company interactions. The first step involves developing a comprehensive roadmap to explore the potential of cross-chain smart contracts, allowing for faster, more efficient transactions. This forward-thinking approach to customer service is set to revolutionize the automotive industry.

During the second phase, Coinweb will create a unique Web3 service to create a blockchain-based loyalty program for Thailand’s customers. Customers may also receive exclusive discounts and services by earning rewards through this program.

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Commenting upon the partnership, Coinweb CEO Toby Gilbert expressed enthusiasm and noted that this collaboration exemplifies the potential of Blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional businesses. He expressed confidence that it could be a model for others to follow, showing how to leverage the technology without compromising its core values and mission.

As Blockchain’s popularity continues to soar, several influential global organizations have embraced it. On December 14, Italy made history as the first EU nation to officially integrate Blockchain into its financial and insurance systems, with a partnership with Algorand Blockchain to create a digital guarantees platform for issuing bank and insurance guarantees. Furthermore, Maharashtra in India has recently decided to leverage the Algorand Blockchain to store and protect health data as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

News Source: CoinTelegraph

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