BlackRock Lists Crypto ETF To Support its Expansion Plans in the Industry

BlackRock Lists Crypto ETF To Support its Expansion Plans in the Industry

Recognized as the world’s largest asset management firm, BlackRock has unveiled its highly-anticipated Exchange Traded Fund dedicated to the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. The newly-launched blockchain-supported ETF is referred to as the Blockchain and Tech ETF (IBLC) and is designed to open multiple doors of opportunities for the firm as well as the investors looking forward to entering the world of virtual assets. With this hyped project, BlackRock is looking forward to helping crypto fans to gain much-needed exposure to the fast-growing market without requiring them to own digital assets for the purpose.

Through an announcement on Wednesday, BlackRock informed its global community of investors about the inclusion of IBLC in the iShares product chain. According to the official claims, the $4.7 million worth ETF does not directly own crypto or related virtual assets but rather keeps a track of multiple global firms that are a part of the industry. The product is formed as a unified cluster comprising 41 distinct holders contributing therein. The largest single share of 11.45% of the ETF fund is held by U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase. Other crucial holders are renowned BTC miners Marathon Digital Holdings with 11.19% share and Riot Blockchain Inc., having 10.41% of the total share. Presently, the ETF boasts of a potential 9.15% USD cash status to its credit.

Apart from this, BlackRock also released a report highlighting the new core market areas that are presently undergoing drastic permanent changes. The document considers the strong belief of the firm in crypto growth. They stated that the real value of blockchain potential is yet to be unleashed as presently it is only focused on the price and volatility of digital assets. The team feels that there is a wider opportunity for blockchain technology across multiple realms including payments, contracts, and consumption. The report also gives special attention to the growing craze for CBDCs as nearly 87 countries are working to come up with their native virtual currencies.

The surge in crypto operations has given a push to the need for launching crypto ETFs that foster better exposure to the industry for the users. Firms are looking forward to seeking approval from the regulatory authorities to launch their individual spot ETF projects in the market. The BlackRock ecosystem, which manages nearly $10 trillion in assets, is no way different. The company if taking all the necessary steps to expand its presence in the crypto domain. The release of its new ETF project will surely help the firm to gain a fair share of profit from the market space.

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