Big Time And Other Web3 Games Win Gold At The First-Ever GAM3 Awards

Big Time And Other Web3 Games Win Gold At The First-Ever GAM3 Awards

Polkastarter Gaming hosted the GAM3 Awards on December 15th, where 16 winners received a share of the $1 million in prizes sponsored by companies like Immutable X, Blockchain Game Alliance, Machinations, Ultra, Naavik, Galxe, Hacken, Venly, HackenProof, Shorooq, Elixir, Arcade, and MetaCon.

Various factors, including the core loop, aesthetics, accessibility, replayability, entertaining elements, and overall playing experience, were considered while reviewing games. Although playability was the primary consideration, using Blockchain technology in any capacity by the nominated games was a key factor in determining eligibility for prizes.

An international panel chose the nominees of representatives from the gaming, media, and web3 industries.

Big Time, which won Game of the Year and Best Adventure Game, Shrapnel, which won Most Anticipated Game, Star Atlas, which won Best Graphics, and Thetan Arena, which won Best Mobile Game, were among the award winners. Blankos Block Party, Illuvium, Superior, MetalCore, Gods Unchained,, Brycent, League of Kingdoms, and The Harvest were among the winners in the other categories.

Despite FTX’s abrupt collapse and ripple effects on the broader web3 ecosystem, the Blockchain gaming market still seems to be growing. In October and November, gaming activities accounted for over half of all Blockchain activity, measured across 50 networks, with 800,875 daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) engaging with games’ smart contracts in November, according to analytics provider DappRadar. Additionally, according to the survey, the Web3 gaming sector saw anticipation and growth prospects in November thanks to the $320 million in revenue earned by Blockchain games.

Polkastarter Gaming hosted the GAM3 Awards on December 15th

About the Game Awards

The Game Awards is an annual celebration of the global video game industry. It recognizes outstanding creative and technical achievements across a variety of categories. This event brings renowned developers, publishers, top influencers, and premier media outlets to honor the year’s greatest games. The Game Awards also reveal the newest titles and upcoming content from leading game companies. Every year, fans around the world tune in to witness exclusive world premieres, announcements of forthcoming titles, and award presentations of the year’s best games. It is the ultimate event for gamers and game industry professionals alike.

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