Amazon Web Services and Ava Labs announced a partnership

Amazon Web Services and Ava Labs announced a partnership


The organization that created Avalanche, Ava Labs, announced on Wednesday that it would leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cryptocurrency infrastructure to support “corporate, institutional, and even government use of Blockchain.”

It created the Blockchain Avalanche to support NFTs, Web3 games, and a unique innovation called “Subnets.” Subnets serve as new Blockchains constructed on top of Avalanche. Still, they can have alternative rule sets and use their coin to pay network gas expenses rather than Avalanche’s original AVAX.

As part of its deal with Amazon, Ava Labs will provide “Subnet deployment” as a service through the AWS Marketplace, allowing any company or organization to engage Ava Labs to create a special Subnet on the AWS platform.


At AWS, we provide the most cutting-edge technology to builders, regardless of whether they sit in a multimillion-dollar enterprise, a government facility, or a hostel, according to Howard Wright, VP and Global Head of Startups at AWS. “We can only do it because of the cutting-edge features that Avalanche brought.”

According to Wright, AWS would contribute to the expansion of Avalanche adoption “to new locations including consumer categories” as part of its deal with Avalanche by providing new technologies for the infrastructure or ecosystem of the company.

As per Emin Gün Sirer, CEO and founder of Ava Labs, the ability to rapidly spin up nodes or test networks using AWS into whatever legal jurisdiction makes the most sense for them has been a significant advantage for both individuals and corporate developers. I’m happy that we were able to create a technique that can accommodate millions of participants with almost immediate finality.

Sirer continued, “Our collaboration with Amazon can hasten Avalanche’s beneficial effects.

The press statement states that AWS will also participate in upcoming Avalanche-related events like hackathons, the Avalanche Summit, and Avalanche Creates.

Google unveiled its own Cloud Node Engine a few months ago, enabling Ethereum developers. A $20 million funding round for Web3 data storage company Space and Time was managed by Microsoft’s M12 fund. Recently, AWS unveiled its Avalanche solutions.

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