How Does Metaverse Power the Future of Gaming

How Does Metaverse Power the Future of Gaming?

The use of Metaverse in the different sectors is rising day by day. With the new dimensions that the continuous Metaverse development is allowing us to enter, it is becoming the next big thing every day. Although the use of Metaverse technology has garnered interest in various sectors, the field that has captured the most attention among the various sectors is the gaming industry. The industry not only adopted the metaverse way earlier but also retains the craze among people to date. Through this article, let’s look at how the metaverse powers the future of gaming.

Metaverse: An Overview 

Although the Metaverse isn’t a fully operational concept, it is a concept of an online, 3D-connected virtual space, connecting users in all aspects of their life. Let’s consider your daily life routine – work, travel, socializing, friends, family, and many more. Now let’s consider all these activities done online. That’s Metaverse for you.

Want to know where it all started? If you have heard of Neal Stephenson, you know the answer! This renowned author first introduced the concept in his book Snow Crash. Now it isn’t much Science fiction anymore. It is nearly a reality we would have too soon to live in or accept; this is a topic to debate. Although, any technology that’s yet to come has given us a certain freedom to ease our lives and is just an extension of our minds. Every idea was churned in someone’s mind. So it doesn’t matter what Reality is; when the Metaverse is out there, there is no such thing as technology that will replace a human’s mind, contradiction aside. Let’s get right into it.

The Metaverse is a persistent, 3 Dimensional, digital universe concept that combines multiple different virtual spaces altogether. The big tech companies are already leading the way in fully connecting and developing the Metaverse. One of the most significant aspects of the Metaverse is how it will digitalize and affect our lives. To make this more elaborate, once the Metaverse is fully operational, the next time we plan on meeting our friends, we will make plans in the Metaverse, not through meeting at a place. Get it? That’s right, a total digitalization of even the most minor aspect of our lives.

That’s kinda scary combined with the excitement of how it could be. Talking about the current scenario, the tangible and intangible connections have become increasingly more advanced. The NFTs, blockchains, crypto, and gaming haven’t been much farther. They are all in the same ecosystem as the Metaverse and would probably be the core of what Metaverse is about.

Let’s get into the Gaming aspect of it a little further.

If you want to get into the core of Metaverse technology, first and foremost, you need to understand what augmented Reality is; that’s what drives Metaverse. We can simply think of Augment reality as integrating user and digital information. The integration has to be in real-time.

AR provides the user with sound, visuals, and other sensory information through glasses or phones. This data is superimposed on the device to create an experience in which digital data alters how the user perceives the real world.

The onset of the Metaverse is that its expansion will make things like gaming, organizing meetings or events, and studying easier.

What powers the Metaverse?

AR and VR Techs

VR and AR are also called Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, respectively. For those new to these terms, Augmented Reality is an immersive real-time use of information in texts, images, and sounds overlaid in a real-world environment. Virtual Reality is entirely digital, where all the texts, photos, and sounds are digital.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 

Here’s what IBM defines blockchain to be: Blockchain is a distributed, immutable ledger that makes it easier to record transactions and track assets in a business network. The asset can be anything tangible, an object, or a substance. For example, it can be copyrights, intellectual properties, or patents.

Let’s make it simpler: the business runs on pure information; the faster and more efficient it is, the better the business will perform.

How does blockchain work?

  • Once a transaction occurs, it is recorded as a block.
  • The blocks are linked such that the current block has a connection with the block that appeared before it.
  • Transactions are recorded or placed in an irreversible chain named “Blockchain.”

Let’s get to cryptocurrency, sometimes called crypto, is a form of any currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptography doesn’t have any regulating authority or central issuing but instead uses a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units. Put, cryptocurrency is a digital payment method without relying on banks to verify such payments.

Internet of Things: 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of things or any object embedded with technologies such as software sensors. The technologies facilitate the connection of data to different devices via the internet.

There are a few technologies that make IoT possible; some of them are:

  • Access to low-cost sensor technology
  • Machine Learning and Analytics.
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence,
  • Connectivity.
  • Cloud Computing Platforms.
  • Access to low-power sensor technology.

How are Metaverse and Gaming related?

The universe Metaverse makes it a leading technology for the gaming industry to tap into. Although gaming involves immersive gameplay, just by looking at a flat, high, resolution screen, imagine what an entire universe adapted to your Reality could do to your experience in having an immersive and as close to Reality as possible during gameplay.

That’s right, creating immersive gameplay by suiting your environment is just what the Metaverse’s potential could do if unlocked. Breaking the previous two-dimensional screen and taping it into today’s virtual reality world makes it near-real gameplay.

It not only provides a space where the person can have immersive gameplay but also an opportunity to access Web3, crypto, gaming, meeting with teams, and much more. The Metaverse is at an adolescent age, where we are just talking about how the Metaverse can power the gaming industry.

What does gaming in the Metaverse look like? 

The gaming industry is one of the leading industries tapping into Metaverse’s powers and what it has to offer. The primary reason for the gaming industry to tap into the metaverse industries is that it creates very immersive gameplay for the users to experience. To do so, the solutions come from something called Metaverse. As we explored earlier, Metaverse uses the combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in hand to create first-hand immersive gameplay.

Gaming together 

It is given that Metaverse is a social platform and a platform where multiple people can play on the same platform or the same concept called multiplayer can be immersed in the Metaverse, which is among the primary reasons to create immersive gameplay.

Earn while Playing

It is probably one of the most important aspects of a crowd puller for gaming in the Metaverse. Players can make several profitable actions while playing together as a team. At the same time, in the Metaverse, some of which include selling their assets to other users in exchange for numerous things like money or cryptocurrency, even that matter.

Metaverse in the future would become the pinnacle of earning money for digital earners and primarily gamers. It would become the center of digital playing and earnings and contribute hugely to the country’s economy.

Game Assets 

What are assets? An asset refers to a thing, object, or any substance that means something or has value. To put it simply, game assets refer to the numerous objects like skins or anything that would make of good value in the game that would enhance one’s respectability if one had that, or would enhance their gameplay if they had that particular object. Or it could be an Object that is unique to the game that only one person owns. Or it could be a player’s knowledge about something that could make up the definition of an asset.

Some notable players in the Metaverse Gaming industry.

Epic Games

Fortnite, ever heard of the game? Well, of course, Epic Games is best known for its game Fortnite. With its increasing popularity, Epic Games recently announced a 1 billion dollar intention to create its metaverse-focused gaming.

Axie Infinity 

It is an online gaming portal revolving around the Pokemon-Esque creatures known as Axie. It differs from the other standard online gaming communities because of the variation between the standard online gaming platforms and blockchain technology. How the Pokemon-Esque works is that players can collect Axies as their virtual pets with those pet’s goals to battle, breed, collect, and raise kingdoms for their Axies. The Ethereum-based game utilizes a design that allows players to own their virtual assets and rewards players who can reach an advanced level of playing.

The Sandbox

Sandbox is native to the Metaverse ecosystem. The players use a utility token of the platform, SAND, and play, build and control a virtual space and market their skills on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is a community-driven platform where creators have the opportunity to monetize their gaming experiences and voxel ASSETS on the blockchain.


Formerly, Facebook was known as the OG of social media when the digital era of connecting and finding people on the internet started. Facebook creates a huge universe which is around the products it produces. They are on the top list of tech companies to have lastly invested in the Metaverse. Although new to this universe, they hold an impressive track record. To elaborate, they range from a range of products around which the company now revolves.

The future of Gaming and Metaverse

We cannot possibly know if the Metaverse would be a cutting-edge tech that would shape our world for the better or how big the impact of the Metaverse would be on the world’s economy. Approximately 80% of the world today is said to run directly or indirectly on the internet, while 20% of things are already digital. Already nearly two hundred million users log on to Minecraft, Fortnite, to name some, and other numerous platforms daily. Primarily, these users are said to this to games, attend concerts, and much more, and people are seen to go further.

Let’s go back to 2021 when Google unveiled its own Project Starline. Now, Starline was a project that uses machine learning, computer vision, and fabric-based multi-layered light fields to create a 3 Dimensional holographic video that does not require the use of some special tech to access. Google concludes that this technology leads to a 15% increase in eye contact, a 25% increase in non-verbal communication, and a 30% better conversation recall.

Gaming is primarily focused on immersive gameplay. Now, combined with the power of the Metaverse, the whole focus of gaming would shift and make it a different aspect of revenue income. NFTs, assets, portable game assets, the level of advanced immersive gameplay, and the earnings, along with numerous other aspects, would make Gaming and Metaverse a new Gaming era combined with the Metaverse.


Although the Metaverse isn’t out there, we are looking at the probable ease that this could transform the internet, how it could start a new approach to how we accomplish things, and how bigger could play a role in the economics of the world.

It comes with its worries and its perks, some of them that would include how this could digitalize currencies or assets. To how it could create revenue for one. Metaverse is probably on the top of the list of the things that could shape our near digital future as we know it, along with it coming to the gaming aspect, which could shift the entire course of gaming in another direction.

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