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Jobs in Recordskeeper

Future of secure data sharing is going to change with the Recordskeeper platform. Recordskeeper is an alternative open source Publicly Mineable blockchain platform which stores and shares data immutably.

With multiple Use Cases for Supply Chain, Asset management, Insurance Management, Employee Verification, Land Ownership etc Recordskeeper is an extremely dwelled in platform. Recordskeeper launched its ICO recently and has been mining since March 2018 and since been evolving  ever since.

There are numerous application the platform has been approached for; Storing data generated by Power grids, open music Streaming platform which would benefit musicians, standard business operation and infrastructure data etc.

Recordskeeper developers have been recently and pro-actively searched  for after it’s mining as there were numerous Use Case Application it is being sought after.. The current opening for Jobs in recordskeeper can be found on LinkedIn, Indeed and recordskeeper website itself.

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