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Ethereum Developer Salary in Germany.

Berlin, as the leading city in Germany on Ethereum job opportunity and other blockchain technology, is reshaping the blockchain community with marvellous Ethereum projects and Token launches. Berling is the home of some majorly popular Blockchain companies like BigChainDB and Lisk, Berlin is the hub for Germany’s Blockchain Space and has the major blockchain groups and meetups.

With high number of Ethereum projects happening in and around Germany, the Ethereum developers Salary in Germany goes well around $150K giving them a very substantial boost to their PayScale. Entry level Ethereum developers can easily ask for a compensation around $60-70K USD due to high demand. Companies do prefer someone skilled if not then certified developer who can take care of tasks and at-least understand instructions


Blockchain Council is constantly working on upgrading the content of the training modules for Ethereum based Certifications like Certified Solidity Developer, Smart contract Developer etc.

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