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Certified Cryptocurrency Trader

A Certified Cryptocurrency Trader is a skilled professional who knows how to trade in cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency trading? It works on the same principle of real-world stock trading. Crypto experts will generally have certain cryptocurrency that they would like to exchange for some other cryptocurrency for which an Exchange will help them to do so and most likely charge a fee.


A Cryptocurrency Trader is always aware of the intricacies of the Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Market. Cryptocurrency market is the most volatile market there is and because of its instability, a lot of governments do not recognize crypto as a legitimate acceptable currency for trading and there are very few Crypto friendly countries ( mostly in Europe). One needs to have a deep understanding of laws of crypto, nature of crypto, how exchanges work, what is short term and long term trading, pros and cons, how to start trading and many more. Imagine the joy of people who sold their Bitcoins for more than $15K USD but at the same time the pain of people of traded for higher value and are stuck at $6K. One needs to be ready and know when to hold and when to sell.

All this can be learned and understood with Blockchain Council’s Certified Cryptocurrency Trader course which is Live right now

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