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Are you the one searching for “Blockchain Certification India  or “Blockchain Courses India.” Then you landed on the right page. Here we will be discussing the demand for Blockchain technology certifications in India, Blockchain Training, and all the necessary Blockchain info. It is essential to acquire Blockchain Certification as it boosts your career growth and provides you excellent career opportunities in the Blockchain industry. 

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Looking for institutes that provide Blockchain training and not aware that there are options on Online Self paced Training!

Here we provide the best solution for your concerns about learning blockchain technology which will be helpful to you in your professional sector. You can do classroom training online to learn blockchain technology that is more cost-effective than other institutes in India or other countries. The average fee of any standard Blockchain Certification in India is around 20K – 70K INR, where online classes from Blockchain Council are merely $99 USD, roughly converting to approximately 7000 INNumerous training institutes are claiming mine to be training on blockchain and other such high-end technologies but what is the authenticity of these such organizations? Blockchain Council partners with multiple institutes in India but has a process of assessing such institutes who are capable enough to train on blockchain technology, and the same goes for institutes in other parts of the world.

Demand for Blockchain Technology Certification in India

In this digital transforming world, people want every process to be fast and secure. This is the reason Why blockchain technology is disrupting every sector of work. Whether it is the financial, retail, or even health sector, everyone is implementing blockchain technology. In the past few years, the Demand for Blockchain Developers and engineers is gradually increasing. Presently, The average salary of a blockchain engineer in India is quoted to be around 8 LPA, and Blockchain Developer earns an average of 6 LPA. However, top MNC’s and other enterprises are lacking Blockchain professionals. The developers need blockchain certification to pursue their careers as blockchain professionals. Blockchain training and Blockchain Certifications in India are prevalent nowadays, and there are various reasons to pursue such certifications and courses. 

Various Blockchain Courses and Certifications in India are available online, which is the best and economical way to learn blockchain in this COVID-19 situation.  

Best Blockchain Certifications to Consider

Blockchain certifications are specially designed for people to provide extensive knowledge about a specific technology implemented in the Blockchain industry. Doing these certifications will give benefits to the individuals for increasing their core competencies in the field of blockchain. Blockchain training offers great opportunities and also focuses on the practical knowledge about the blockchain terminologies like Hyperledger, smart contracts, Corda, Quorum, Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, etc. Also, you get to learn about the blockchain application in different sectors like Healthcare, finances, supplychain, digital marketing, and much more through the Blockchain professional certification. 

Some of the popular Blockchain Certifications in India offered by Blockchain Council which are best to consider for developers and professionals are as follows: 

Blockchain Certifications In India

Keeping the demand for Blockchain technology, the Blockchain council offers certifications that transform a developer’s knowledge into a particular technology usually implemented into blockchain-based companies. These companies are hiring Blockchain professionals and developers holding Blockchain Expert certifications.   

  • Certified Blockchain Expert™: This Blockchain course provides in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology implementation and uses at the industrial level. It gives a kick start to your career in the field of blockchain. The online Blockchain certification will give the proper training in public and private blockchain technology, blockchain architecture, blockchain mining, methods for providing and setting up blockchain solutions. This is an exam-based blockchain certification that is valid for a lifetime. 
  • Certified Blockchain Developer™: This blockchain training is for becoming a blockchain developer. This will cover the advanced and basic modules on the blockchain, Multichain, Ethereum, corda, Hyperledger, etc. having this Blockchain certification in India will provide the techniques and methods for building blockchain-based applications for the enterprises. 
  • Certified Blockchain Architect™: This blockchain certification provides in-depth knowledge about Blockchain architecture. This will cover the concepts of Blockchain architecture tools, translating requirements into functions, all the technical elements of blockchain architecture, etc. Also, it gives you profound details and guidelines for the blockchain structure.  

Blockchain Specialization Certification in India

The Blockchain Specialization certificates in India are uniquely designed for working professionals who can provide solutions to their specific industry using blockchain technology. Therefore, Blockchain Council gives you an opportunity to learn from top experts around the world and learn the professional techniques to build better Company structures using blockchain technology skills. For pursuing these types of certifications, you need to attend the self-paced training material of around 4 to 6 hours. Moreover, you need to take the exam after completing your blockchain professional course and become a Certified Blockchain Professional.  

Check out the list of significant blockchain certifications provided by the blockchain Council for boosting your career growth in blockchain-based companies. 

  • Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional™: This certification offers the knowledge to discover how Blockchain is revolutionizing digital marketing in every industry. It covers topics like trust and transparency, using smart contracts in digital marketing, reduced online fraud, etc.
  • Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional™: This course will help you maintain blockchain-based systems to record, share, and store sensitive patient data securely and reliably.
  • Certified Blockchain & HR Professional™:  This type of Blockchain certification is advantageous for HR Professionals in improving talent management, verification of potential hires, performance evaluation, etc. It helps to digitize human resources using blockchain technology.
  • Certified Blockchain & Law Professional™: This Certification is for law executives focusing on enhanced litigation funding, automated agreements with smart contracts, etc. It accelerates and streamlines the whole process.
  • Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional™: Pursuing this blockchain certification can assist Know Your Customer (KYC) professionals supplement the process by enabling seamless and secure data exchange at a fraction of the cost.
  • Certified Blockchain & Financial Professional™:  Finance professionals looking to improve trade finance transactions and enhanced tracking of LCs, Shipping bills, Tax invoices, etc., can go for this type of specialized blockchain certification and gain major benefits in this career. 
  • Certified Blockchain & Supply Chian Professional™: Pursuing this certificate will aid you in producing solutions that improve revenue, improve the quality of the supply chain, reduce costs, reduce fallacies, and make it more efficient.

Hyperledger Certification 

In blockchain technology, hyperledger provides scalability, flexibility, and security. Due to its feature, it has gained huge popularity in the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain council provides the certification for blockchain Hyperledger, and having this course quill gives you in-depth knowledge of the hyperledger framework. 

Certification provided by the Blockchain councils are as follows:

  • Certified Hyperledger Expert™: By doing this certification, you will be gaining beginner and advanced knowledge about the hyperledger architecture, functionalities, components, fabric modal, nodes, etc., which can be implemented in different blockchain industrial platforms.  
  • Certified Hyperledger Developer™: This certification is primarily for the professional who wants to upgrade their development skills in smart contracts using hyperledger fabric modal. It covers all the details starting from the basics of Hyperledger Fabric to the Fundamentals of Hyperledger Fabric architecture. 

Corda Certification 

Corda is the Blockchain platform used to manage, record, and synchronize financial agreements, standardized data, and business processes across all sectors, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, etc. With the increase of this blockchain platform, Corda Certification has gain popularity among professionals. 

Corda certification offered by the blockchain council are as follows: 

  • Certified Corda Expert™: This certification offers a complete understanding of the Corda platform, starting from the basics. Corda online training in India offers the   Corda structural knowledge, Corda Ledgers, its stares, and values. Also, it covers the basic and advanced modules having Cordna network, key concepts, and architecture. Individuals having this certification will have a stronghold over the Corda transaction and building the corda network. 
  • Certified Corda Developer™: individual looking to built and deploy distributed app solutions. This is a unique feature of corda. Here we will cover structuring, creating, building, debugging, and signing of a CorDapp. As soon as the online training session is over, you are eligible to take the online test, and then you will gain the certification. 
  • Certified Corda Architect™: This online certification gives you exposure to the architecture of the Corda platform, which includes corda network, node, transaction, contracts, consensus, corda identity, corda time window, corda flow, notary service, corda oracle services, and many more like this. After persuing and understand each module, you can be able to build a corda flow easily. 

Quorum Certification In India

This Blockchain Certification in India is popular among financial professionals working or trying to work in the financial industry. Online training in the Quorum blockchain platform helps you in making the financial enterprise more secure. Quorum Blockchain is based on Ethereum which improves the security and networks of the specific company. 

The Blockchain Quorum certifications offered by Blockchain Council are as follows. 

  • Certified Quorum Expert™
  • Certified Quorum Developer™

Cryptocurrency Certifications In India

There are various cryptocurrencies available on the trading platform, which anyone around the world can buy or sell. The most popular ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, etc. As it has a huge impact on the investment sector, people are curious in India and around the world to learn about crypto. Simultaneously, Cryptocurrency training and certification have also become more popular. 

Blockchain offers the following online Blockchain certifications in India: 

  • Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor™: This certification focuses on the core concepts of auditing cryptocurrency. Doing this online course will make you specialized in cryptocurrency and Blockchain forensics. It is an exam-based certification. Once the online training is completed, you need to take the exam online. After the completion of the exam, you will have the opportunity to perform blockchain forensics and track exchange-of-hands of cryptocurrency. 
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™: It comes under advanced certification, as it gives extensive training on the subject. By doing this, you will have profound knowledge and expertise in distributor ledger, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), trading techniques, exchanges, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trader™: This certification is for beginners who are unaware of cryptocurrency trading. Here, you will learn about cryptocurrency trading in-depth, the risk of investing and trading Cryptocurrency, understanding risk management, and trading psychology. You will have a new experience with the candlestick charts and have held on the trading strategy,

Bitcoin Certification In India 

Blockchain has gained popularity with the release of bitcoin in 2009. People are inquisitive to learn the process behind bitcoin from the very beginning. Blockchain Council offers an Expert level certification in bitcoin. It includes knowing the P2P network, regulations, how to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin nodes, Bitcoin forks, Bitcoin trading, variations of Bitcoin like Litecoin, Dash, etc. As soon as you cleared the exam, the bitcoin certification provides to great career opportunity.

Ethereum Certification In India

After bitcoin, ethereum was the next platform that became massively famous. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that securely performs monetary transactions. Also, many decentralized applications (DApp) are building on this platform, so career opportunity in this blockchain platform is limitless. This results in the rise of Ethereum experts and developers. The certification provided by the Blockchain Council is very effective and easly to understand, even for the beginner. 

Blockchain Council offers the following Ethereum Certifications online: 

  • Certified Polygon Expert™
  • Certified DeFi Expert™
  • Certified NFT Expert™
  • Certified Ethereum Expert™
  • Certified Solidity Developer™
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer™   

Benefits of Blockchain Certification In India

Blockchain is an emerging technology and has excellent scope in every sector. Holding help connect particular blockchain technology certification kicks your career to get involved or specialized in the specific blockchain technology. Also, certificate holders are preferred when applying for a job in the blockchain field. With online Blockchain certifications, you will be providing blockchain-based solutions to the industry for better results.

Some of the benefits of having a blockchain certification are as follows: 

  1. High Salary
  2. Increased skillset
  3. Great opportunity at work 
  4. In-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology 
  5. As blockchain is an emerging technology, it’s beneficial to have a hands-on experience within the tools and technologies used in building blockchain-based systems. 


For Blockchain Certification, India has a number of good institutes that are well versed in technology, and the Blockchain Council continues to partner with and support such institutes. Sign up with us to help to connect you with such institutes that help in Classroom Blockchain Training. Also, you can check out Blockchain Council and explore all the Blockchain certifications online. 

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