Blockchain Certification India

There are numerous training institutes claiming to be training on blockchain and other such high-end technologies but what is the authenticity of these such organizations? Blockchain Council partners with multiple institutes in India but has a process of assessing such institutes who are capable enough to train on blockchain technology and same goes for institutes in other parts of the world.

People who are making google searches like  “Blockchain Certification India” or “Blockchain Training India” are generally looking for institutes who provide training and they can do classroom training and not aware that there are options on Online Self paced Training which is more cost effective as compared to other institutes in India or other countries. Average fee of any standard Blockchain Certification in India is around 20K – 70K INR where online classes from Blockchain Council is merely $99 USD which roughly converts to approx 7000INR.


For Blockchain Certification, India has a number of good institutes that are well versed in technology and Blockchain Council continue to partner and support such institutes. Sign up with us and we may help in connecting you with such institutes that help in Classroom Blockchain Training.